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Wedding Party
Gifts....from Mothers down to Ushers

We are giving each person in our wedding party a gift to bring with them to the reception or already have at the reception. Ladies will receive Champagne Glassed with their initials and a lil bling bling on them and guys will receive mugs with their initials on them. We wanted to stay focused on our them which is of love of simple but elegeant so we didnt want to bling them out meaning incorporate to much bling on them just something they can remember us by so we stayed elegant with it...you will in the pics...there are two types...let me know ladies of what you think.... They are glasses and not flutes...I got them from the Dollar Tree only a $1...............wwwoooowww...couldn t resist that... lol
laurie88's Orange wedding
 |  Westminster, MD, USA  |  03/09/2011  | 
I'm making glasses for my bridal party as well, probably one of the most simple of my long list of DIY projects. :)
mrstodd2b's Red wedding
 |  Montgomery, AL, USA  |  03/09/2011  | 
You right...they were simple...a breeze but worth it and pretty...lol
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