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115 days until I'm Mrs. Urban
WWOOOOOOOOOOOO, I can't wait, time is flying by. Even though we are having a baby we are still going to continue with the wedding....big belly and all. :-)
Black We're Pregnant
Picture 331
Black We're PregnantBlack We're Pregnant
We're Pregnant
Oh my gosh girls, I took a pregnancy test this morning and both test...yes I took both of them and they are positive.

We are so excited!
baby, pregnant
Black Jacksonville, FL Brides
Jacksonville, FL Brides
Are there any Jacksonville, Fl brides on here. If so I would love to meet and hang out with you ladies. It would also be great to help one another. No one understands the up and downs of coordinating a wedding like another bride.

If any of you would like to hang out or help another bride with her wedding then let's do it!
Black Ask a Question Should I remove my Maid of Honor
Ask a Question
Should I remove my Maid of Honor
I'm a little upset. Please tell me why one of my bridemaids is acting like she doesn't want to be apart of this wedding. I've asked her for several months about setting a date to try bridemaids dresses on. Two of the ladies have set dates - one who works nights and weekends has even made time to try her dress on. Our wedding is right around the corner...April 2, I don't have time for this. She told me she would help with anything I needed, but everytime I ask her to help she's to busy. How do I tell her I want to replace her?
chelsea 2
chelseachelsea 2
Wedding Dress
David Tutera - Chelsea
I decided to go on David Tutera's website and see if he had any new dresses.....I'm so in love with Chelsea. I love that it's not your ordinary dress.
Jason and I
Jason and I
Engagement Photos
Tomorrow FH and I are taking our engagement photos. I'M SO EXCITED, AND I JUST CAN'T HIDE IT...LOL. We are so anxious to see the outcome. My only worry is I hope they don't turn out looking bad.

Girls, please give me some tips on what would make a beautiful and successful engagement session.
Black Design by the bride
Design by the bride
I was looking for a site that would let me create my own centerpieces so I can get an idea of what it would look like

This site is too cute. You can do centerpieces, cakes and bouquets.
Black Ask a Question DIY bouquets
Ask a Question
DIY bouquets
I'm thinking about doing the bouquets myself, but I have no clue on how to make them and wear to get the products I need.
Girls help me!
Exercise - Chalean
Chalean extreme work out cd's
I'm now on week 2 of chalean work out cd and it's been a rollercoaster. Week one was a real tester for me. It must be working because I've lost 2lbs already. GO CHALEAN!

I also have P90X and just watching the videos makes me tired. Tony Horton is a

4 years since wedding
Tracey Dunn
Jason Urban
Apr 02, 2011
Jacksonville, Florida, United States
The Brasserie Courtyard
The Brasserie Ballroom
K&G Photography and Video
Our wedding will take place at Beach Blvd. Courtyard. The reception will be at the Brassiere Ballroom who will also be doing our food and drinks menu. Our colors are Sangria, black and white. We are both very excited about it and plan on doing it ourselves.
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