My BOUDOIR photos...
here are some.....

so a couple weeks ago i took my boudoir photos that i am going to give to my FH on our wedding day,,,here are some of the ones that arent to reveling...my favorite one i cant show :(.....to much of me is showing! i am going to get that one blown up and framed and the rest iam putting into a albulm. tell me what you think!
vegasbride09's Black wedding
 |  Duluth, GA, USA  |  05/07/2009  | 
Gorgeous pics! You get married 9 days before me and both of our FH's names is Andre! What a coinky dink! But really, your pics make you look like a model. Nice!
futuremrsogan's Black wedding
 |  Pikesville, MD, USA  |  05/07/2009  | 
youandmetimes2's Pink wedding
 |  San rafael, CA, USA  |  05/07/2009  | 
very nice. But take them down after a day. This site is an easy target. :)
mandiv322's Pink wedding
 |  Tuscola, IL, USA  |  05/07/2009  | 
Love them!! Itarrian is right...you look like a model =]
brittianyshay's Red wedding
 |  Louisville, KY, USA  |  05/07/2009  | 
wow! beautiful!! i wish i had the body to pull this off so elegantly...
mikeandmel's Pink wedding
 |  Vancouver, BC, Canada  |  05/07/2009  | 
super duper cute!!!  great job!
queristchiun's Red wedding
 |  Mililani, HI, USA  |  05/08/2009  | 
Love these! You look great, I really like the pink one. If I ever got up the confidence to do these shots thats the kind of style I'd do:)
wifewag's Orange wedding
 |  Brentwood, CA, USA  |  05/08/2009  | 
very nice
sweetserenity's Blue wedding
 |  Alpharetta, GA, USA  |  05/08/2009  | 
Holy Smokes! they are HOT (like the girls said) be sure to take them off after a few days or leave 1 of them (the least revealing)

Im sure that your fh will be excited and freaking happy as heck.
I wa going to do this but I chickened out. That will be my gift to him on our first wedding Anniversary though ")
pookylaa's Pink wedding
 |  Agassiz, BC, Canada  |  05/08/2009  | 
oh wow, I want some pictures like this!!! Did y ou have to get totally naked or what? I dont know if I could do that.... lol. Topless maybe (i did it once for a spray on tan, i think i could do it again) The other thing is I have a little tummy and stretch marks all around it... I wouldn't want to see my frontal middle section... well, just my belly i guess hahaha. do they use makeup or anything? i need details! lol
rodrhonda4ever's Blue wedding
 |  Sacramento, CA, USA  |  05/08/2009  | 
Wow...our wedding day is the same as yours!  Very nice photos taken. Tasteful...I don't think I can do this...I have to many stretch marks from having 3 kids. LOL
ricecake5's Green wedding
 |  Waterloo, ON, Canada  |  05/18/2009  | 
These are AMAZING. You have convinced me to go for it! I'm going to go ahead and get it done!!! Thank you so much to replying to my blog, it was really helpful hearing that you had such a positive experience!
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