Apr 29, 2009

so its been 2 weeks since we last saw our friend..there is still no news as t o where he is or if he;s coming back,or what happen to him..we have been holding candlelight visigals for him for almost a week now. ive tried,we've all tried to ge thim on the news and they just act like its not a big deal..i dont get it! we have been so consumed by this tragic event that we havent had a normal day in a week. my poor daughter is feeling it big time,shes a year and half and has no idea why she isnt getting mommy and daddy time like usual and why theres always 5-15 people at our house. We need anwsers so we can go on with our life...how long will this last???? Our wedding is in 23 days!! and i havent done anything in 2 weeks!!!! I have to get on it....so hear i go..trying to move on.
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Pink Still....wondering...where our friend will we ever get our life back?
's  wedding
Presque isle, MI, USA
That has got to be so hard.. I am so very sorry.  I am so surprised they are not airing this on the news.  His family has got to be so very worried too... I just dont understand how the news crew wouldn't put this out there to find him.

My thoughts and prayers are still with you and all who care for him.
canjaz5's Pink wedding
Indianapolis, IN, USA
I'm sorry to hear that your friend is missing.  It would help a lot if the news would do a story on him.  I hope he returns home safely SOON!  I will keep you and your friend in my prayers.
kaikai2004's Purple wedding
Newark, DE, USA
I am soo sorry to hear that...I will be sure to keep you and him in my prayers

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