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Wedding Dress
My Wedding Dress

I'm renting but I really love the couture style. I'm a size 0 and this dress was a way bigger size so it will fit much better.
gratefulbride's Blue wedding
 |  Charlotte, NC, USA  |  02/15/2010  | 
Your gown is gorgeous!
waveschick2's Black wedding
 |  Philadelphia, PA, USA  |  02/15/2010  | 
So pretty, love the style!!
mrswilkins2010's Red wedding
 |  Hollywood, FL, USA  |  02/15/2010  | 
Thanks Ladies!
jaslynn2003's Blue wedding
 |  Orlando, FL, USA  |  02/15/2010  | 
omg--- fab fab fab!!!
I totally LOve it. I was thinking of renting my dress but wasnt sure of the cost and if its a big difference. Do you mind telling us how much to rent???

mrswilkins2010's Red wedding
 |  Hollywood, FL, USA  |  02/15/2010  | 
Here in Miami my package is $350 . It's includes the dress, slip, veil,gloves and tiara. So I have to buy my shoes. They have all brands.
sweetlatina's Purple wedding
 |  West haven, CT, USA  |  02/15/2010  | 
It's gorgeous! :)
monikas's Chocolate wedding
 |  Orlando, FL, USA  |  02/16/2010  | 
It's beautiful
nolanu's Chocolate wedding
 |  Kenner, LA, USA  |  02/22/2010  | 
That dress is banging.................And it looks good on you! Beautiful choice. Congrats!
mrsfountain2011's Blue wedding
 |  Rapid city, SD, USA  |  03/11/2010  | 
I wanna rent my dress too. Really dont wanna spend all that $$ to wear just for a hot second.
glamdivabride's Purple wedding
 |  Decatur, GA, USA  |  10/25/2010  | 
Please tell me where you're renting your dress from? That dress is really cute and your bridesmaid dresses are really inexpensive as well!
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