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Wedding Color
Lavendar, Fushia, and Grey/Silver

Hey girls, I hope everyone's doing fine on this hot hot night...at least it's hot over here in Cali.

I've been looking around and I've really started falling in love with how vibrant Fushia is! I want to incorporate fushia into my wedding to make the color pop just a little without overwhelming the theme with tooooo much pink...I still want purple to be my main color.

Anyways, I've been playing around with our monogram tonight to add some fushia to the mix. I've attached the original monogram with just lavendar and black and another where there some fushia...I'd love your inputs!

kristah's Green wedding
 |  Langley, BC, Canada  |  07/18/2009  | 
I like it!
nevaeh's Black wedding
 |  Brick, NJ, USA  |  07/22/2009  | 
I like it too!! Where did you find that image on the bottom?? I've been searching what seems like a life time for something like that.
nevaeh's Black wedding
 |  Brick, NJ, USA  |  07/22/2009  | 
Oh & I like the little hint of pink in the second one.  Nice touch!
muffinmonster's Purple wedding
 |  Los angeles, CA, USA  |  07/23/2009  | 
Thanks ladies :)

Nevaeh, I think I'm going to use this one with the pink...I was trying to find a way to incorporate fushia into my wedding without doing too much.  Do you have photoshop? I did a google search for free photoshop brushes and downloaded the floral and swirl brushes...there are tons of free brushes online you can download.  Once you download them, you would use the brushes to replace the default spray paint brushes...they work kind of like stamps.  I'll try to find some time to blog instructions this week k :D
miranda09's Black wedding
 |  Cleveland, TN, USA  |  07/29/2009  | 
love this!
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