Apr 18, 2009

1) Picture 1-2 : I love this one, but one of my friends has something similar (with the small diamond stud at the peak of the setting). Let's see if anyone likes the other two better.

2) Picture 3-5 : Gorgeous halo with micro-pave sides. The setting isn't set as high as ring #3. I think it's beautiful because the crushed ice look. I do wish the halo was a lil more rounded but still beautiful.

3) Picture 6-8 : Delicious halo with channel set side pave. The halo is very defined on this one.

What do you guys think? THANKS :D

UPDATE: After bugging everyone on WBC and Pricescope, I finally called up my mom's friend who owns a shop in Downtown LA's diamond district. I told her over the phone what I was looking for and when I arrived, they had a tray of halos for me to pick from and the band I wanted was already there...so I didn't have to have anything custom made and we didn't have to pay an arm and a leg for the upgrade. Yay. If anyone's is in the Los Angeles area and looking for an upgrade or a great deal on a wedding band, go to Sue & Sam's on Hill St. and mention that Amy referred you.
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knox halo1
Purple Wedding Rings And Jewelry Help me choose a Halo for my cushion
My upgraded e-band.
futuremrsjohnson's Pink wedding
Boone, NC, USA
Honestly, they're all gorgeous! Just go with whichever is least expensive. If there is any large difference in price between them, there is no visible compromise in appearance.
's  wedding
Augusta, GA, USA
I have a cushion cut center stone.  I have a three stone setting.  I LOVE the Cushion cut... people can never figure out what it is b/c I think it's pretty unique.  I'd go with Picture 3-5.  I'm not a big fan of the last one & i've seen alot of the first one.

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