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me: last minute photo
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1st Bridal Meeting
calling all of MY girls

omg....i finally had my first bridesmaid meeting and it was wonderfull.
all 8 out of my 10 girls showed up. 1 is out of town and the other had family obligations... My mother was really the icebreaker even though all of the girls have meet before except 2 of them I still needed a way to really start the meeting. Everyone loved the dress i picked for them and I asked for them to be on the look out for the shoes. We talked about the wedding itself for as venues and where we were going to meet up at before the wedding which will be a change of plans since im changing the venue. We also talked about payments and deadlines for their dress.

Surprisingly they locked me out of my house which only lets me know that I am getting a bridal/bacholorette party...YEAHHH
I really wish I could have had their calenders ready for them but I would have prolonged the meeting to much and I was anxious to get it over with.

Over all...I was making a big deal out of nothing...it was a piece of cake....I hope everything else runs as smoothly as this did.
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 |  Belleville, IL, USA  |  10/12/2010  | 
That's great that eveything went well for you and that your girls got along well! And very exciting that they're planning surprises for you! :)
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