Jun 10, 2008

Ok so I think I'm really gonna go with paradise islands for the names of the tables. I've done some reasearch over the internet and there is so many choices that I could have thousands of guests and not run out of names!!! hihi

I thought of maybe placing on each table a postcard or pictures of the island so that my guests would appreciate the names...hahaha

The paradise island theme would be perfect cuz we are doing our reception at L'Aquarium de Québec.... I think it's meant to be hahaha

Can't wait to do all the things that I have planned and get married to my Jeff!!!! :)

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Blue Wedding Reception UPDATE - names for the tables
lnporter's Yellow wedding
I like that idea! Do you have a tropical theme throughout?
mylbride's Blue wedding
Quebec, QC, Canada
I don't know yet..... I think I might just stick with the blue theme but I'm not decided...

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