Aug 31, 2009

What flavor cakes and fillings is everyone doing???

I have my tasting on the 12th of September and can't wait. I LOVE cake and want all the flavors already lol

These are my options where I am going

white / chocolate / combination / marble / lemon / spice / espresso / almond / carrot / red velvet / hazelnut / gingerbread

chocolate truffle / raspberry / strawberry / lemon / orange / apricot / apple

amaretto / bailey's / black cherry / black russian / chocolate / cinnamon / hazelnut / lemon / mocha / caramel
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cake idea1
cake idea2
Cake Jacques luv it
love the shape cake
sema84's Black wedding
Marmaris, Lezhe, Turkey
OmG they all sound good!!! I dont know how you will decide but you will have fun trying them all tho ;-)
If you cant decide maybe you and FH could choose one each and have a mxture if they do that? GOOD LUCK

kittyissa26's Black wedding
Waterbury, CT, USA
The BUTTERCREAM black cherry sounds good :)

We are doing raspberry mousse filling with white cake.
futuremrsweikle's Pink wedding
Peachtree city, GA, USA
I'm having a yellow butter cake with buttercream icing. I went with a pretty plain flavor and no filling to please the most people...not to mention I thought it tasted fabulous!

What about a white cake with chocolate truffle filling? That sounds so yummy to me.
chellie's Blue wedding
Dayton, OH, USA
Chocolate cake and amaretto...
Almond cake and baileys...
white and lemon (if they have lemon curd... do it! Yum... that's what we got!)
Marble cake and chocolate truffle...
White cake with raspberry filling (that's our other)

The cake tasting is my favorite!
futuremrsvince's Pink wedding
Jessup, MD, USA
yummmmm....cake....our guests will probably think we are alchy's because we are having champagne cake with strawberry rum filling :D
ashleydawn's Chocolate wedding
Barrie, ON, Canada
We actually just picked our cake flavour!! We are having strawberry shortcake!! It is soo delicious! And it is made with huge pieces of real strawberry instead of just a jelly filling.

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