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Feb 4, 2010

Please Help!!

Okay my WBC ladies I am back again with more dress drama!!! Does anyone know anyone selling their Pronovias Hebra wedding dress I am going crazy looking for this gown and I need it before May 1st. If you know anyone whom recently got married and are looking to sell this dress please direct them my way Thanks again!!!!!!!!
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Black Wedding Dress Please Help!!
alohabride2010's Blue wedding
Milpitas, CA, USA
In the picture, I am guessing that is the Pronovias dress right?  I know this is not helpful to your post, but I just had to say that the dress looks gorgeous on you girl!!  I stopped to look when I saw your picture pop up on the WBC home page!  Have you tried, or ebay.  I was shocked, but quite a few brides on here have had luck on eBay.

Good luck finding it!!
trulyblessed's Black wedding
Las vegas, NV, USA
02/04/2010 is great also try This dress is beautiful!
tomorrowlastsforever's Red wedding
Greenville, NC, USA
I just checked and I found somebody selling it for $750 including a veil. I don't know your size but it's a size 8. I hope this helps.

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