Jan 18, 2008

Help! I've decided (I think) to go with the brown bm dresses unless a green style jumps out at me really soon.

Now I'm having problems deciding what the groomsmen should wear.

Originally I was thinking black but I'm not a big fan of solid black and brown together! And if they wear brown tuxes I think it would be just too much brown. Right?

I was considering having Dave (the groom) in chocolate brown tux and his men in a mocha or something a bit darker thanivory tuxes. But is that too much difference?

And if I had black would the tuxes look tacky with ivory or mocha shirts and vests underneath and than either an ivory tie or my coordinating color such as pink???

Any ideas and opinions would be nice!
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Green Ask a Question What color tuxes go with brown bm dresses???
black with ivory vest
kcforever3's Chocolate wedding
Nashville, TN, USA
hey girl!! i thought about doing the brown tuxes but then i thought about the color of the bridemaids dress and the color of the tuxes being 2 different colors! so im doing brown dresses and black tuxes. the vests and shirts are going to be ivory and i may do the vests light pink but im not sure yet!!
's  wedding
Mission viejo, CA, USA
I found brown tuxes which are more chocolate than espresso.  I made sure to reserve the tuxes first, and now I can match the bm dresses to that color since there are much more options for bm dresses than tuxes!  I heard ivory is another way to go with brown vests/tie since brown tuxes are tough to find...
In the So Cal area, Friar Tux is where we got ours.  Good luck!
asalwayschristine's Pink wedding
Elmwood park, IL, USA
I am thinking the same thing. Brown tuxes look weird in my opinion. Also if you want a semi-formal or formal wedding they look more like suits than actual tuxes. One idea I really liked was using a white dinner jacket for the guys. I thought that was really classy. I agree that the mocah shirt would look weird, but a tie and/or vest wouldn't look bad. Especially if the tie has a gradient pattern. Brown and pink go well together too, but I personally didn't like them for ties or vests either.
jeffandcarissa's Chocolate wedding
Kitchener, ON, Canada
I am having the same problem, but i think i solved it we still have to take a sample of the dress colour in to compare to the tux, but i think we are going to go with a light brown or sand colour tux. we saw this are a bridal show  and it looked really good together, girls in espresso and guys ina sand colour.
mjview22's Green wedding
Herndon, VA, USA
green dresses now right? If thats the case black or brown. I love the color contrast when the groomsmen ties and vest match the Bm dresses.
melgail's Chocolate wedding
Tell city, IN, USA
My dress is champagne and my bridesmaids dresses are latte.  I am going to go with a chocolate tux, Ivory shirt, and vests to match the dresses. In my opinion black does not go well with brown. Browns compliment each other. My decision on what color to use was a tough one but I think I made the right one.  Try taking a swatch of your color to a tuxedo place. Good luck!!

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