May 13, 2008

I snatched this idea from another bride, but I totally love it.

My cake is going to be in the center of the reception hall and I though if I hung 3 - 5 tissues balls at different lengths above the cake it would look amazing! What do you think? They also seem very simple to make...and cheap!!!

How to Make the Pom-Poms

You'll need tissue paper and 24-gauge white cloth-covered floral wire.

Hanging Pom-Poms
1. Stack eight 20-by-30-inch sheets of tissue. Make 1 1/2-inchwide accordion folds, creasing with each fold.

2. Fold an 18-inch piece of floral wire in half, and slip over center of folded tissue; twist. With scissors, trim ends of tissue into rounded or pointy shapes.

3. Separate layers, pulling away from center one at a time.

4. Tie a length of monofilament to floral wire for hanging.
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Pom Poms
timsgirl's Yellow wedding
Niagara falls, ON, Canada
What  a neat idea
fabulousmrsklein's Pink wedding
Aurora, IL, USA
martha stewart put this on her site... if you want more pix it might be worth checking out... they are cute!
gemasa7's Chocolate wedding
Winston salem, NC, USA
Love the idea!!!! But I do not feel like doing you know where can I get them?
andie8173's Purple wedding
Oconomowoc, WI, USA
Thats very cool!
madyandeddie's Blue wedding
Orlando, FL, USA
I love the idea. I saw something like those on a wedding magazine ,but with feathers and it looks beautiful too.
kcforever3's Chocolate wedding
Nashville, TN, USA
yeah!!! youre getting married in 2 days!!!!!!!! these next days will fly by!!!! i put pictures up from the wedding and reception!! youll have to look at them when you get a chance!!! have fun, its your day and noone elses!! dont stress and have a ton of fun on your honeymoon!!!!
lovelydisaster's Purple wedding
Lexington, KY, USA
Love this idea! A great DIY project, thank you for the instructions. :D
's  wedding
Maple shade, NJ, USA
My niece made an array of this in different sizes & colors and by far it was the most dynamic decoration within the wedding tent. It added so much to the atmosphere. Just a word to the wise...most rental tents will have an abundance of humidity if you plan to decorate the night before your event. You do not want to have the tissue poms saturated. Happy folding!
's  wedding
Thanks so much for the idea. I am having a girls night of food, fun, and dancing soon and wanted something to dress up the gazzibo I have.  I love anything crafty:)

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