Feb 18, 2009

How long did you date before you got engaged?
Just over 5 years

Did you get the ring you wanted?
YES, I couldn’t have asked for anything more

Was the proposal a complete surprise?
Yes, lucas is big on surprises, I didn’t think it was coming for a few more months

Do you wish you had a bigger/smaller diamond? If so How big or small?
Nope, I just wanted 1ct and I got 1.3, I am very lucky

Did you cry when he proposed?

When do you want to go for your honeymoon?

Are you buying his wedding band for him?

Have you gone over your original wedding budget?
yes, it was basically inevitable

What day of the year will your wedding be?
Saturday September 12, 2009

What kind of weather?
End of summer/fall…hopefully warm and sunny

Inside or outside?
Inside for the ceremony, outside for the reception

Church/justice of the peace/other?

How many people will be there?

Time of day?
Late afternoon ceremony, then reception to follow until the last guest leaves

Any kind of theme?
Romantic glam, enchanted forest yet modern

How many bridesmaids? Who would they be?
Four-2 sisters, Mercedes and Bianca, and my 2 besties Katie and Alex

What kind of cake/what will it look like?
Chocolate cake with French vanilla buttercream or strawberry meringue buttercream and chocolate ganache
I am making a mock cake…haven’t decided on how I will decorate it

Where will you have the reception?
Giant 100x40ft frame tent on my grandparents property

What kind of dress will you have/color/material?
Pronovias, ivory white with organza ruffles

What kind of flowers in your bouquet?
Not too sure yet

Kind of engagement ring?
Radiant cut solitaire diamond, lucas designed It himself

Kind of wedding bands?
I want to have 2, 1 classic and one with alternating diamonds and pink sapphires…we will see
lucas' will be platinum and plain

How will you wear your hair?
Down, with sexy curls…the carrie underwood

Who will be important to be there?

Will the reception be big or small?
Medium-large depending on what you think is big

What will the groom wear?

How old will you and the groom be?
I will be 24 he will be 26

How long will you be engaged before you get married?
9 months

Live together before or wait till married?
Life together

Take a long time to plan the wedding or will it be simple?
It definitely won’t be simple…I think 9 months is perfect timing

Will you do it yourself or with family or hire someone to plan the wedding?
Family…my mom is a floral designer, and has decorated many weddings

Will you write your own vows or use something pre-made?
Not writing our own

just a few photos of lucas and i...cuz im cheesy like that
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Hi ladies,

So I was doing some wedding organizing today and decided to take some photos so I can have visuals of all the stuff I have so far. (I am organizing them in bins)
1 20 Paper lanterns bought at Michaels in the $1.50 bins, diamond & other ornaments (will be buying more paper lanterns, esp large ones)
2 Paper lanterns and diamond ornaments
3 Curly willow with ornaments, these are going to be on the tables, and there will be 3 large ones behind the head table. There will also be flowers attached and some votive candles.
4 Curly willow with ornaments and paper lanterns, probably won't have them on there, but for photo purposes
5 1 of 3 curly willow branches (6 ft) This is in my family room, just to show size
6 Candy buffet jars so far
7 Some cake/cupcake stands and dessert plates I have
8 Table number frames, previous post
9 Engagement decorations-DIY from martha magazine idea + fake diamond rings
10 Engagement decorations-DIY from martha magazine idea + fake diamond rings
11 Bridal shower decorations-Cinderella glass (plastic) slippers
12 Cinderella just for fun

What do you think of my collection so far? I know it's not much...but I'm working on it :) xo
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1 paperlanterns_diamonds_decorations
2 paperlanterns&diamonds
3 curly willow with diamonds
4 curly willow with paper lanterns
curly willow-6ft
6 candy buffet jars
7 cake stands
8 tablenumberframes
9 engagement decorations
10 engagement party decorations
11 bridal shower decorations
12 cinderella
I'm just wondering what everyone is giving as a favour?
Lucas and I want to import olive oil from Italy and put it in cute oil bottles, and possibly attach salad spoon/fork. My family always imports it in the summer, so we are going to order an extra drum of oil for our favours...this is the best olive oil ever!! The first ones are cute, already packaged, and about $2.70 each, but FH thinks they are too small. The second ones are awesome, but they are reallllllly expensive, and the different sizes wouldnt be good. We will probably just end up going with some plain ones and I will make super cute labels for them.
We are also having a candy buffet...my family is going to be shocked since they have never seen this, but I am not doing it as a favour..just an extra treat xo
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Olive Oil Bottle
I am SOOOOO EXCITED about this adorable little frames! They are so glam and awesome! I am going to use them for the table numbers, I just need to figure out what I am going to do for the numbers! The damask print actually comes with it, and I want to keep it for sure.
I bought them at Michaels in the $1.50 bins!!!! They didn't have enough oval shaped ones, so I bought 10 of those and 10 rectangular. They also only had one pink and a couple white, so I bought some pink spray paint and will be painting them all pink!!! Don't you just love them!!?? :)
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I have been poking around the web tonight just looking for cute ideas, and I came across these super cute DIY save the date cards! I think they would be perfect for fall weddings...but you could really use them for anytime.

You have to have Adobe Illustrator to use the template, so if anyone wants to use them and doesn't have Illustrator, email and I can do them for you!


p.s. when do I send these out??
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I found this fun Polaroid application...it turns your normal photos into Polaroids! Here are a few that I did. The first is a photo of my Pomeranian & second greatest love Lexi, the second was my self-portrait for my grad portfolio, and the last is the traditional portrait for my portfolio of my flower girl Isabella! (obviously these are the "polaroid" versions, the colour cast is totally off from what my portfolio images look like)

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So my sister Mercedes and I met with a bride & groom today for a wedding cake consultation. We are doing a 2-tier cake and cupcakes...these are what we brought them for a taste test, but they were wrapped in cute little take-out boxes! I never thought of this colour combo, although I'm sure there are some brides on here with it...just thought I would share! xo
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brown&gold wedding
brown&gold wedding_french vanilla buttercream
This evening my FH and I, my mom and dad, and future mother and father in-law went for a tasting with our caterer. The food was ridiculously delicious, and I am super happy!!
This is a first draft of my menu...I may add/delete things, change colours etc...and the wording may be different. Let me know what you think of the meal, and menu!

I also wanted to mention that I have extensive experience in Photoshop, and if anyone is looking for custom menus/invitations/save the dates/monograms and can't do it themselves, I would be more than happy to design some stuff for you! I know there many talented ladies on this site, and I have seen another wonderful lady who is offering such services, so I thought I could too if anyone is interested! (Since everyone has a different style) :) xo
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menu-first draft
Here are the instructions ladies, enjoy!

small bowls
greaseproof paper (parchment/wax paper)
small heart-shaped cookie cutter
granulated sugar
food colours

1. Prepare bowl with sugar. Then add a tiny drop of food colour to the sugar, and a little water to make it damp. Mix until evenly coloured.

2. On a piece of greaseproof paper, push a small amount of sugar firmly into the heart cutter (see 1) and level the top with a spoon (see 2). Carefully lift off the cutter and let dry (see 3&4)**

3. Repeat until all the sugar us used up.

** note: make sure that you do not try and move the cubes until they are dry, about 1/2 hour
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heart-shaped sugar cube intsructions
pink&purple heart shaped sugar cubes
So one of my bridesmaid's Katie and I were sitting around talking about the wedding tonight, and decided to do a little DIY project!! I saw this idea in a cake book I have, and thought it would be a super cute idea to make them and place them in a bowl or cup on each table in my wedding colours. I might even make some extras and put them on the candy table!

If anyone would like the instructions on how to make these little cuties let me know!!

Oh and since I love food photography, I thought I would take some nice photos, let me know what you think!! xo :)

p.s. I just had a thought about how it would be cute to incorporate them into a favour! Little bags or boxes of a nice coffee with a couple of these attached!
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pink&purple heart shaped sugar cubes
heart-shaped sugar cubes