Finally made a choice on the cater and the florist. The cater came to the house and actually prepared different foods for my mom, dad, john and I. The food was excellent. So we are going with Urbana Catering Concepts.

Also decided on the florist. He's done many weddings in the Raleigh area. Only heard great things about him. He orginally sent me a proposal of $3200. After making some cuts he got it down to $2000. So happy!!!!
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I don't know how much i should be spending on flowers. The first florist i went sent me a proposal for $4300.00. I'm like are you out of your mind. I just went to another florist and they sent me proposal for $3200. Girls i need your help. The place is beautiful itself. I NEED HELP!!!
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I love the venue it's so beautiful. It was built in Nov 2009. When i first saw the venue with my Maid of Honor and Bridemaid, we instantly feel in love. It's a ballroom. The wedding and reception will be held there. We wil start with the wedding. After the wedding everybody will be moved there hallway and lobby for the cocktail hour. They also have a jewerly store that the guest can take a look at while they flip the room. John and I will have a sweetheart table on the platform. So we will be looking down at all of our guest.
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So a couple of weeks ago. All of my bridesmaid & I went to davids bridal to try on dresses. I must admit the lady that helped us was getting on my last nerve. I think they work for commission or something. She was stressing me about getting the dresses that day. I'm thinking to myself it's way to early to have them order dresses. The appointment was in sept. and my wedding isn't until 7/9/10. Anyways the girls was gorgeous in the dresses. It will be 3 different styles of dresses. The strapless is for the Maid and Matron. The other 2 styles are for the bridesmaid. They all are different in shapes and sizes, and i think all of them are comfortable in the dress that I picked. The prices weren't that bad either. It ranged from $135-155. So i don't think that's bad.

Oh yeah the color of the dress is Lapis. Picture 3 is the color that all of the dress will be.
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I really don't know what i would like to do for the favors. The lady that is doing my cake, also sets up candy bars. She gave me a great idea. She said that she would have a candy bar set up with some pre-made candy boxes that would be in a pyramid. She charges $3.50 per bag. Right know my guest list is at 185 but im trying to bring it down to atleast 130 to try and keep the cost down. I also have went on a couple of websites and saw nice coasters etc........ If you have any suggestions let me know. I'm open to all!!!

These are some of the candy displays that Cinda has done!
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My cake will be a 4 tier cake. There will be different cake flavor and fillings on each tier. Its going to be in white butter cream with scroll patters on each tier. There will also be fondant drapping down the front of the cake in Titanium. Gum past flowers on the corners in shades of purple. There will also be a cake topper (W) on the top tier. Once i figure out how to put the pic on the site you will see the drawing that the Cinda drew out.

Can't figure out how to get the drawing saved on my computer. This is a cake is close. Except it will be purple with lilies and drapping from tier to tier. Also it will be a W cake topper!!!
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I didn't know that a wedding cost so much. When we first started planning our budget was $8,000. Now we are now at $15,000 and counting. Before it is over i'm guessing that the wedding will be somewhere around $17,000. The venue alone is $6,000.
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