I have expressed the idea to my family that i would like to wear flip flops under my wedding dress. I'm not talking about the Old Navy type flip flops but just really cute nicely decorated ones. I am 5ft 10in. and my FH is 5ft 8in. I don't want to wear some high heel shoes and make him look shorter than he already is. He doesnt have a problem with it but I kinda do. Is there anybody else also having this problem as well??
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Pink Wedding Shoes What kind to get
One big thing is now checked off of my list and that is the photographer. We recently had our pastor and wife's anniversary at church and there was a photographer there. He did an awesome job and that next week I decided to book him!
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Pink Wedding Photography I have booked my photographer!!!!!!
Sep 1, 2008

Ok so I know I haven't been on here a while so I need to do an update. I have recently changed my colors. I was going to do yellow and gray. Now I want to do pink and yellow. I want the bridesmaids to be in pink (like a true pink kind of rose pink) and I want my MOH and my Matron to be in yellow (like a sunshine or butter color). My problem is I'm not sure what color my groomsmen should wear. I was thinking chocolate cause I figured that would be something different and pink and yellow both go with that. Does anyone have any suggestion or have they seen any weddings with these colors????
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Pink Wedding Colors
On my Birthday which was May 21st, I received the best gift of all. I had to work all day that day. My boyfriend did not call me at all that day. I did however receive a text saying Happy Birthday. LOL. Anyway I got off work at 6 pm and went home and had birthday cake with my family. I then got a call from him saying that he was on his way to bring me my gift. I was excited. He came to my house with a big cake box and a teddy bear. I thought that was so sweet. I just LOOOOVVVEEE CAKE!!! He motioned for me to come look at the cake. I read the cake like 4 times and I didnt realize it said "will you marry me?" I cried, he got down on one knee and the teddy bear was holding my ring. I was so suprised.
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