Jun 26, 2008

So this morning my mom sent me an email with the video of this wedding of the Bride and Groom's first dance. It started out like an average dance but 30 seconds into the music they broke out in to this funny routine. They choreographed a dance, it was too cute. My mom asked me if my fiance and I will be doing one... I don't think my fiance will do anything like that. He's a little shy when it comes to being in front of A LOT of people especially dancing! LOL He's funny! What about y'all... choreographed first dance or average first dance???
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waffles57's Green wedding
Greenville, SC, USA
we are going to do a mix of songs for the first dance... start it out as a normal slow dance & then break out some moves... we are both very crazy & outgoing in front of the right ppl... if it was w/ some strangers then we'd never do something like that but we feel comfortable around our friends & family! should be fun!
scheri's Chocolate wedding
Edmonton, AB, Canada
Thtas to be expected on small details when you are over one year from your date.  Big things like, ceremony location, reception, music and catering you can firm-up book and put down deposits now.
mrsmorrisoninjuly08's Pink wedding
Denver, CO, USA
i totally want to do something like that, but my guy-a complete GOOF ball, wont agree?.  he thinks its too corny but i think it would be SO fun :( oh well.  have u seen the bride and groom on youtube, who do the final dance from Dirty Dancing? i saw that a long time ago for the first time and was crying and laughing, it was too cute ( i LOVE that movie and i think i was pmsing or something lol) but if you do something like that, GET A VIDEO! that would be so cute to watch!
stbmrslynn's Purple wedding
Lancaster, TX, USA
We are actually going with a oldschool stepping dance or swingout like in the movie love jones or R Kellies step in the name of love video.Which is perfect because it fits our vintage 20's and 40's theme like harlem nights.Love your site especially your color choice and dreesses Ill be watching you.GodBless

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