Feb 13, 2010

Okay so I have two oufits already, for my bacholerette party im wearing my black bling Victoria secrets pink pants with a black custom made bling tanl with Mrs.Johnson Est May 30th,2010 (iron on) rhinestones that I purchased off etsy with some really cute black and gray victoria secrets sandals......I went to Dot on Thursday and found a pretty pair of black shoes with a flower for 14 bucks and a dress for 9 Idont know when im wearing that, Im having a backyard BBQ for our rehearsal dinner so i dont think it will be appropriate, but the outfit is cute and my Bridal shower is in April, during Easter break, I live in Buffalo so most likely it will be COLDDDDDD....but the outfit i want to wear it needs to be warm....its a victoria secrets dress with shoes....

What are you wearing?
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Shoes at dots on clarence for 14 and dress 9
Bacholerette Party comfu and cozy
Custom iron on to go with my pink pants
top it off with Pink sandals
I am in love with this dress I want it for my bridal shower but it my be to cold
the perfect shoe for my perfect dress
pynklemonade08's Pink wedding
Leesburg, VA, USA
Cute dress! And I love the black shoes you are going to pair it with!
mrscase2u's Black wedding
Alameda, CA, USA
i really like the custom tank idea. nice!!
chanelbride's White wedding
Sacramento, CA, USA
Cute selections. I love those shoes! POW!
amy1651's Black wedding
Dartmouth, NS, Canada
Cute outfits!
What are you doing on Your bachelorette that you get to wear sweats!!!???    a lil jealous!
nmiller20's Black wedding
Buffalo, NY, USA
LOL, We are going to see the opeining of Sex In The City, then off to the Chocolate bar for Martinis, then a sleep over at the hotel....hot tubing and swimming!!!
princesstianawedding20's Blue wedding
New orleans, LA, USA
WOW I'm loving your selection. Gotta have item #5 and 6 please share with me. I Think those could be my wedding shoes/ heels are my wed colors. Please share
Thank you in advance.

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