Nov 12, 2009

Has anyone done or doing their own uplighting???
I am thinking of doing my own its cheaper that way
I called a lighting company and they quoted me for 6 lights 250 for 12 lights 350 for 18 lights 450.....expensive when you can buy one light and the color for about 20 bucks...
any input will be great thanks
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gratefulbride's Blue wedding
Charlotte, NC, USA
Heck Yeah!!!  I'm, doing my own because as you mentioned, they add up fast for pros to do them, when you really can get the same effect on your own.  I found great insight & help to do my own from Project Wedding.  This may help you as well on your project:
's  wedding
Halifax, NS, Canada
I'm sooo doing this. My local hardware store has christmas floodlights on sale for $9.97. That's for any colour.

Also, I work in television production so I think I can get the translucent gel paper for lighting for free in case I want blue or green.
's  wedding
Buffalo, NY, USA
wow thats a great going to continue to look for lights and see what I can find!
sapphire2009's Blue wedding
Cary, NC, USA
we actually ended up having our DJ do this- it was going to work out way cheaper than doing it ourselves, or renting it from an actual lighting company. We paid $25/LED canister uplight, and in the end paid out $150 for lighting. Even a close friend of mine who does stage & theatrical lighting for a living and has his own uplights couldn't come close to that price for us.
hamptonsbabe's Orange wedding
Morris plains, NJ, USA
I am on this same kick.

Today, I looked at saveoncrafts and saw some can lighting that might cut it and stay within budget.

The more I read on projectwedding, the more I find that this is do-able.

Good Luck !!!
deneanrae's Blue wedding
Ponoka, AB, Canada
I think it adds so much to the room, i never thought about DIY my own uplighting but it sounds like a great idea.. can anyone tell me what type of light to buy and how to get the color? i have no idea what to use haha. thanks

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