Nov 9, 2010

We've booked a Bentley 4 passenger limo for 5 hours this include late night pick up!

My MOH and I will use it to go for our beauty appointments then to the house then for late night to go to the hotel.

All for $700 dollars!

My FMIL booked this for us! She is so sweet!
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laurie88's Orange wedding
Sykesville, MD, USA
That's a deal! I'm glad we don't have to deal with this extra expense though, We are staying at our wedding venue the Friday before and the night of the wedding.

We did have to pay for a party bus to shuttle everyone to our venue so we don't have to worry about anyone drinking and driving
noirbride's Black wedding
London, ON, Canada
That won't happen cause everyone already knows if they drink too much they stay at our place!  We won't be there and theres room for all 20, if need be!  They can use bedrooms (any of 4), couches (2) or sack out on the floor LOL

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