OMG! This is real!

Yesterday, the delivery guy loved me! I got a bunch of packages. My jewelery and the MOH's jewelery came in, my shoes and the MOH's shoes came in, the invites came in, all my tableware (that I don't need now haha but they can still be used here at home), chair covers and tablecloths all came in! I got to say I love it all! The shoes are gorgeous, if I could wear heels I would be so stealing hers!

As I said the other day, we have a venue for both the ceremony and reception. Well yesterday, my cousin, who's a wedding photographer came to visit and her birthday gift to me/wedding gift to us is full coverage of our wedding! I'm so excited cause she's great at what she does! I wanted to ask her but since she lives over 4 hours away I thought she wouldn't travel that far. I can't wait!

My birthdays tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to it!

This is really coming together and seems real suddenly!
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