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N - O 4 sho!

My maids are not holding bouquets. They will make their entrance with a mask, taking them down for pictures and then forward. The men on the other half wil wear their mask until reception. Instead of flowers, the men will have this pin (Third pic) on their jacket with feathers the colors of the wedding added. I also found a site (discountmugs.com) to engrave hurrican glasses for the wedding party instead of flute. so so N - O (New Orleans)!
avastdevice's Pink wedding
 |  Everett, WA, USA  |  08/04/2008  | 
Thats too sick! I love it, gonna fave you!
angelic1302's Black wedding
 |  Lafayette, LA, USA  |  08/05/2008  | 
I love it! I also had this same idea but people kept acting crazy about it so I changed it.  My girls are holding a feather fan.  I love it girl!  Go go gemsprinting.com and they are the bomb!  They are cheaper than any other place I've checked and they are in this state we call the Boot LOL!  They do secondline hankys and cups girl, you'll have a ball on there!
savillon's Pink wedding
 |  Del valle, TX, USA  |  04/19/2009  | 
Loving the mask! I'm sure you'll be able to find some really nice ones in N O
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