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Purchased Dress
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Purchased Dress2nd and last choice

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I have heard over the years that you should not let your FH see your dress. But we are in modern days and tradition is almost out of the wedding. I want to be just as my FH imagine me to be. So do you let him help you pick out your dress or leave it up to his imagination. I've been watching a lot of shows where the groom is there for the fitting. So what do you FB think. I posted a pick of the dress I purchased. Beautiful dress, but not me. I decided to show him. He thinks its beautiful. I on the other hand don't think it's me. So of couse I am in search of another dress. Good or Bad Idea.


I have posted a pic of the dress I (along with Mike) decided to go with. some may think it's not as busy as the first. But that's just it. Less is more....lol.
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i really don't trust my FH or any man with what they're idea of a wedding dress is. I say get the dress of YOUR dreams! My FH wanted me to have a fitted, very simply gown. I got an a-line with some beading/applique & I'm sure that he'll think I look just as beautiful! I want to absolutely shock him when I walk down the isle & i don't want him to have any clue as to what I'm going to look like. If you plan to take pics b4 the ceremony then who cares if he sees it now or then. It's all personal preference. Just make sure that you find a dress that you love!
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I will be his Mrs in 28 days! I am loving how my gown is fitting. My last fitting went wonderfull...
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