Dec 29, 2008


I visited limo place down the road, they have limos galour! They have strectch Range Rover its BEAUTIFUL! The price is 1152 for minimum of 6 hours. Thats all good we can take pictures down at Washington Monument grooms, then bridesmaid, then later after the ceremony all together. Then let the parents & grandparents ride!!
What you think about this price? This includes all taxes, fuel charges etc.. Its our discretion for Tip!!!
OOOPS, I would go over the $1000 price tag. I'll just cut corners somewhere else in the budget. lol

Ok Ladies,
Is anyone else having an issue with Limo Rentals?
Any advice on how to counter this issue.

Am I the only one bitching about the prices of limo rental - just b/c I am having my wedding in May - PROM SEASON! I called places some wanted $1600 for 4 hours. Others reequire a 6 hr minimum for their rental b/c of fuckin' PROM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I don't even remembering paying that much for limo for prom - ridiculous)

Get this, I called 2 places they acted like they didnt want to speak to me b/c I'm having a wedding instead of booking for prom. They stated call back 60-90 days before my event to book, b/c they dont have their rates yet! B/S! But all places taking reservations for prom! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I refuse to pay $1000 for limo service, when my hotel, church, and venue are very close to one another! I do want a limo to go take pictures elsewhere etc..

I did get one quote $771 for one place, going to visit now!
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ladybugg's Blue wedding
$1,600 for 3 hours? O-M-G. What kind of Limos do they have? I hope it's the 1s that fly.
We booked our wedding party limo and getaway car on Saturday and we got a stretch Cadillac Expedition (at least I think that's what it's called) plus a 1954 Rolls Royce for 3 hours each for a total of $1,000 (after our "Sunday wedding" discount) and the service was excellent. I suggest you shop around some more before you make a decision. That $771 sounds great. But, I would see what I'm getting first befoe I commit.
's  wedding
San antonio, TX, USA
Are they smoking on the Criz-Nack?!? I would say keep looking! I had to tell the man at one place that for what he was trying to do to me, lube was required. I wish I had at&t so I could reach out and touch a few of them!
's  wedding
Saint john's, NL, Canada
That sucks!

Shop around.  Or, you could change your plan to use an antique car, or you could rent a nice convertible from your local car rental place.
chantelle0704's Blue wedding
Wallaceburg, ON, Canada
Limos are super expensive, which sucks because they are only used for a few hours!!!
We called around 7 different limo companies, and ended up choosing an SUV limo that holds 14 people for $900 for four hours.
That was pretty much the best price we could find for a limo that was big enough to hold our entire wedding party and ourselves.
rodrhonda4ever's Blue wedding
Sacramento, CA, USA
Them stupid jerks! That's like turning customer down. Sounds like their milking the Prom people anyway.  

Maybe if you really want to take a picture with a limo, go there and take your picture for free on that day. Fix thier greedy asses!  

On the serious tip, maybe you should consider a regular limo service instead of the high class ones.
ladybugg's Blue wedding
$1100 sounds more like it.
wannabenurse2's Pink wedding
Ames, IA, USA
WTF? Since when do high schoolers have that kind of money to waste on a limo for prom? I remember not being able to get a limo for prom because it was $500!
rodrhonda4ever's Blue wedding
Sacramento, CA, USA
Good Lawd?????

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