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Jan 3, 2011

Are you doing something special for people with special diets/medical conditions?

So diabetes runs alot in my family, like my father. And I have several vegetarians in my family, and a few people with high blood pressure like my mother. There has been so many events where people do not take this into consideration and they end up not eating and having to only drink water or something. Like at my uncles retirement he had all meat tacos, so my aunt didnt end up eating anything because she is vegetarian. My mother has really really bad high blood pressure, so in my presences she can not have salt on her food, and my father is diabetic so i will make sure his food is well portioned and he has sugar free. But going to other people events this is hard to do because people just have one meal and forget the ones with special diets. So at my wedding i will be special vegetarian plates for the people who dont eat meat, and aside from the regular punch fountain ill be having a sugar free punch fountain for my diabetic family members, and making sure that my mothers plate has no salt and has a different seasoning for her needs. Its important to have options to fit the needs of your guest. I know you cant fit everyones needs, but Im going to at least try and cover the basics.

To me this stuff is important, and they are my guest, I dont want to buy a plate for someone if they can't eat it and are looking around at everyone eating but they can't, to me its rude. I wanna make sure my family members are well fed and have the right food for their needs. Is this doing too much? maybe its just the nurse in me ha ha ha, i just hate it when my parents and my other family cant eat because of their special diets, is anyone else providing special food for special needs?
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's  wedding
Bloomington, CA, USA
that is a great idea, I never thought about it but you are absolutely right!  It is kind of wrong to forget these people....
jenniferbelanger4's Black wedding
Barrie, ON, Canada
we already discussed this with our caterer, he said that he would do some side dishes, ones that were for vegetarians, diabetics and gluten free diets as well... he said that is becoming more of a popular thing, that brides are now looking after their guests diets.
On our invites we are having either chicken or salmon and on the bottom will be another line or two asking for special dietary requests and I'll just call them and tell them their options from there.
wendyb204's Pink wedding
Phoenix, AZ, USA
Yes, we are doing a nut-free wedding because a good friend of ours has a severe nut allergy. We actually do all of our gatherings nut-free for this reason. We were very tempted to get pecan-crusted pork tenderloin as a meal choice but we love him more than any pork tenderloin! :)
wendyb204's Pink wedding
Phoenix, AZ, USA
My sisters are all also vegertarians...luckily our venue / caterer also supplies a vegetarian option free of charge.
kittyvenglish's Orange wedding
Forestburg, AB, Canada
I plan on having a wide selection of salads for my family. I know not too many of them are veg if any are. As for high blood pressure and what not, I hope not to have a fatty meal!
Roast beef and steamed veggies with potatoes and salads, buns and pickles, etc.
nursekc909's Black wedding
Bloomington, CA, USA
thats sooo great ladies!!!! Im glad you all are taking these things into consideration for your guest. I know it can be hard to accommodate everyone, but it makes me sooo happy that you ladies are taking the time to consider these thing for your guest....I will definaely be doing something similar for my guest as well....=) thanks for your ladies post!

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