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Candle light ideas/ wedding glow

Hey ladies I came across these awesome
candle light ideas/wedding glow and thought
I would share em with you =) I loooove have candles
look, I think they add such romance and elegance to
any theme, I plan on using candles for lighting effects
at my wedding

this one is a simple wine class, with a candle in it and
lamp shade so adorable =)

glamdivabride's Purple wedding
 |   |  03/10/2011  | 
I love the lampshade/wine glass with the candle. That's very creative. I love candles too. They will be on everyone's table.
mommaw23's Orange wedding
 |   |  03/10/2011  | 
Nice pics. We are having LOTS of candles light! Our venue is outdoors so it will definitely help bring out some ambiance ;)
mrsgap's Black wedding
 |   |  03/10/2011  | 
Thanks for these pics!  In my opinion, candles and lanterns are a must!
futuremrsalec's Blue wedding
 |   |  03/10/2011  | 
SO beautiful.
Love the lanterns!
rmmharrison's Red wedding
 |   |  03/11/2011  | 
there is also a lace one which I used for my wedding, and it turned out amazing!!!
nursekc909's Black wedding
 |   |  03/11/2011  | 
thanks ladies for your comments =)

Glamdiva, arent they adorable? I want to have them, but I already have too much stuff im putting on the tables lol I dont want it too cluttered. IM just sticking to regular candles too on every table, i loooove how candles look

Mommaw, yes I plan to have lots of candles too, from my ceremony to cocktail hour to reception. I even plan on making a little path full of candles from the cocktail hour to the reception, kind like in picture too, it does bring out ambience =)

Your welcome mrsgap =) and yes yes yes i think candles are a must at weddings, ive been to so many weddings where they had no candles or very very minimal and it just didnt give it that romantic glow to it.

futuremrsalec, i love the lanterns too =) Im thinking about using them for cocktail hour since its outdoors ;)

rmmharrison, ooooh do you have pics of it, that sounds nice! id like to see how that looks, im sure it did look amazing
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