Mar 10, 2011

Hey ladies I came across these awesome
candle light ideas/wedding glow and thought
I would share em with you =) I loooove have candles
look, I think they add such romance and elegance to
any theme, I plan on using candles for lighting effects
at my wedding

this one is a simple wine class, with a candle in it and
lamp shade so adorable =)

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glamdivabride's Purple wedding
I love the lampshade/wine glass with the candle. That's very creative. I love candles too. They will be on everyone's table.
mommaw23's Orange wedding
Nice pics. We are having LOTS of candles light! Our venue is outdoors so it will definitely help bring out some ambiance ;)
mrsgap's Black wedding
Thanks for these pics!  In my opinion, candles and lanterns are a must!
futuremrsalec's Blue wedding
SO beautiful.
Love the lanterns!
rmmharrison's Red wedding
there is also a lace one which I used for my wedding, and it turned out amazing!!!
nursekc909's Black wedding
thanks ladies for your comments =)

Glamdiva, arent they adorable? I want to have them, but I already have too much stuff im putting on the tables lol I dont want it too cluttered. IM just sticking to regular candles too on every table, i loooove how candles look

Mommaw, yes I plan to have lots of candles too, from my ceremony to cocktail hour to reception. I even plan on making a little path full of candles from the cocktail hour to the reception, kind like in picture too, it does bring out ambience =)

Your welcome mrsgap =) and yes yes yes i think candles are a must at weddings, ive been to so many weddings where they had no candles or very very minimal and it just didnt give it that romantic glow to it.

futuremrsalec, i love the lanterns too =) Im thinking about using them for cocktail hour since its outdoors ;)

rmmharrison, ooooh do you have pics of it, that sounds nice! id like to see how that looks, im sure it did look amazing

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