Green Centerpieces Colored water
Green Centerpieces Colored waterGreen Centerpieces Colored waterGreen Centerpieces Colored water

Colored water

I actually got this idea when I went to a wedding this Saturday.
Colored water!!! I never had thought of that. I think it would be neat, but i'm not sure if I will have all of the centerpieces with the colored water. We'll see.
gonzo17's Blue wedding
 |  Austin, TX, USA  |  10/29/2008  | 
i love this idea. i am actually doing it! either dyeing the water or getting submercable lights or the light up ice cubes. they work just lke the dye'd water!!
looks great. thats actually my color too!
b00tyfulchica's Purple wedding
 |  Jacksboro, TN, USA  |  10/29/2008  | 
Love the idea I also saw on the internet where they have the gel crystals and put colored water in them and 2 submersible LED lights--its so pretty it shows up the water really well.
ladybugg's Blue wedding
 |  USA  |  12/31/2008  | 
I'm using colored water in my centerpieces with the acrylic confetti and waterproof LED on the bottom to give it that extra glow.
mrscarter21's Green wedding
 |  Harrison, TN, USA  |  01/12/2009  | 
so how u do it I was just going to put a little food coloring in mind
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