tree picture!
pink ad black
tree picture!
pink ad blacktree picture!

These dresses are so ADORABLE!

Okay- so I totally am in LOVE with these dresses! (not to mention the picture!) But I would love dresses like this with a different shoe and maybe without the pink pearls....
I think these dresses would work perfect with different accents to include the "antique" feel that I'm looking for! Yay! Love the pink shoes- not the style though! Ah.... so many options!
gonzo17's Blue wedding
 |  Austin, TX, USA  |  11/25/2008  | 
i abso.. LOVE the blak/pink thing!!
the shoes [color] r HOTTNESS.

good luck-& welcome!!
renedhu's Black wedding
 |  Yuma, AZ, USA  |  11/25/2008  | 
Great picture! I love the pink shoes!!
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