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bridema46's Orange wedding
I'm the mother of the bride. The wedding was wonderful! We hand designed much of the decor which added beauty and elegance to the affair. Everything went smoothly. A "perfect" wedding. Now I a...
ourvowrenewals's Orange wedding
Now that our Maui Wedding happened on May 1, 2014, this is the Formally: Rodrhonda4ever -(Tiffany & Co Theme), OurRenewalsAgain -(Maui-Romance) and now it is OurVowRenewals -(Parisian Theme). T...
traysbonnie's Orange wedding
Orange, white, and gray chevron patterned destination wedding in Las Vegas, NV.
fortheloveofcoffee's Orange wedding
I'm simply planning my dream wedding despite who ends up being the groom lol. My color is going to be more peach than orange.

bemyne05's Orange wedding
Winter themed wedding Chic, contempoary, modern, glitz an are a girls best friend! We want style, elegance, intimate, an a meaningful wedding that we can always think about an ...
FutureMrsRLewis's Orange wedding
My FH and I are funding our own wedding so anything is possible (in a good/bad way..LOL)
anglskystar1's Orange wedding
Not Orange perse we want a Guava color with orange...Its a fall Wedding =)

futuremrsrothell's Orange wedding
Fort De Soto Park. Intimate. White, Grey, Orange & Green. Modern. Fun. Laid Back. Orange Calla Lilies & Green Orchids. Grey Bridesmaid Dresses & Grey Tuxes! BBQ Dinner. Cupcakes. Af...
soontobemrsv's Orange wedding
I will be having a rustic/fall themed wedding. Complete with burlap, lace & barn wood. Can't wait to marry the man God made just for me. :)
southerngal13's Orange wedding
Outside Country/Western wedding. Fall wedding.

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ccranetobe's Orange wedding
Definitely a diy bride and love looking for inspiration, you can catch me blogging most times and often. Should be fun modern and bright wedding!
laurie88's Orange wedding
Hot pink, Tangerine & Lime green Tropical themed wedding with Starfish accents. We are getting married at a beautiful location on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. We are bringing the tr...
macbride's Orange wedding
Because we love the cottage so much and that's where Chris proposed, we're going to have a romantic cottage themed wedding. Something a bit rustic but with a touch of elegance. Think butterflies, i...
wifewag's Orange wedding
I am so excited. I am loving every bit of this! Custom Countdowns & MySpace Layouts

ourvowrenewals's Orange wedding
Now that our Maui Wedding happened on May 1, 2014, this is the Formally: Rodrhonda4ever -(Tiffany & Co Theme), OurRenewalsAgain -(Maui-Romance) and now it is OurVowRenewals -(Parisian Theme). T...

futuremrssanchez's Orange wedding
Our wedding will be a Miami Winter tropical theme. Navy Blue with contrasting Pinks and Oranges to add some pop.
holly84wood's Orange wedding
by the time we get married we will have been together for more than 4 years..and it feels like it's been a long time coming!<3 =]
soon2bmrscofield's Orange wedding
I'm having an outdoor ceremony @ 7 PM. My wedding colors are Mango and Azalea. I'm so excited but overwhelmed at the same time!
maripoza's Orange wedding
Vineyard romance : ) Our inspiration was the beautiful California sunset. We love the orange and gold tones. We want happy vibrant colors for our wedding day.

hamptonsbabe's Orange wedding
We are all about a low-key affair. The scenery does all the work- 80 acres, a lake and a great venue. Hopefully, Chris & I can just show up and be happily pronouned husband & wife.
mmbride's Orange wedding
my colors are orange and purple. I am going for simple!
090909bride's Orange wedding
It will be a 09/09/09 wedding, so everybody will remember the date:)The guests will be driven by a bus because we plan to make this memorable day not only for us but also for all our loved ones. It...
dreamstar's Orange wedding
Our wedding & reception will be a weekend extravaganza on a great wine country ranch. The colors are orange & yellow, and our theme is "Rustic Glam"

mommaw23's Orange wedding
Well...I'm actually already married! We got married August 2001. Together we have 3 little boys ages 8, 4 and 10 months... HOWEVER...we had to have a a quick court house ceremony. We both were in...
4ever2gether's Orange wedding
Our wedding colors are burnt orange and red...
penspeaks's Orange wedding
I am having a beautiful Elegant Fall Wedding!
starr322's Orange wedding
"On this day I will my my friend the one I laugh with, live for, dream with, love" My wedding will be in the winter but chances are wil be spring inspired! My wedding color is called Terracotta (Da...

kittyvenglish's Orange wedding
A good old-fashioned country wedding. My FH and I have been together six years and been engaged for 2. We have two children, a son who is 4 and a daughter who is 2. When we wed we will both b...
coccinelle's Orange wedding
Elegant and very simple. It will be at our image... Our accent colour is navy blue.
mrsdoubravatobe's Orange wedding
marrying my best friend in the sand with the sound of waves crashing as we say i do... i cant wait to be mrs. brandon doubrava ?
renea0319's Orange wedding

elle2wed's Orange wedding
David and I have been together for 6 years. Yes 6 years...after 2 Graduate Degrees, a dog, a cat, purchase of a new home, the right time has come for us to get married. We will be getting married i...
mrsrose2b's Orange wedding
My wedding is going to be a wine theme with a ton of roses! Our colors are going to be fall colors, chocolate brown, eggplant, a spicy orange, and some yellows! Myspace Graphics
lexyj1's Orange wedding
THIE IS A VOW RENEWAL FOR US. Myspace Layouts For Girls Only - Girly Myspace Comments

ccg0924's Orange wedding
We are going for an earthy/fall feel with a touch of vintage. We splurged a little on the dress, so we are trying to make as many of the decorations as possible but I knew when I tried the dress on...
andy23's Orange wedding
Been a struggle pleasing everyone (mom) but so far it has been a blast and I am really looking forward to the big day.

happyeverafter's Orange wedding
We have decided to use orange and blue with the damask as our wedding colors. We want a wedding that is elegant and fun.
treetree's Orange wedding
Our Wedding colors are orange and wine, the colors were inspired by an indian sari but to fit the location the theme is more of a autumn vineyard theme. ...
mrskeen's Orange wedding
This is it! This is a lakeside gorgeous Bright vivid color Wedding done with Gerbera Daisies in bright orange and hot pink!!! We have a beautiful wedding arch which will be positioned overlooking ...

reeree's Orange wedding
It's all by impulse!
danigirl's Orange wedding
Missed our date due to economic situations, we are replanning and reorganizing! Updates to come.
kaseylynne's Orange wedding
So we just got engaged and are going to be getting married in 5 months!!! I know it's fast but it'll be fun (and a little stressful) but it will all be worth it!!! Our colors are going to be all th...

amandabethxoxo's Orange wedding
We're having two very different weddings (greedy, I know) both on opposite sides of the Atlantic! As my husband and in-laws are from England, and that's where I have called home for the past 4 year...
09mrslangley's Orange wedding
Justin and I both decided we wanted a fall, outdoor wedding. The color scheme is orange, apple red, and cream- with little hints of camo here and there for the FH. We are so excited and look forwar...
sunsetgal's Orange wedding
It will be in the summer, on an outside deck near the ocean and sunset beach theme, with island tropical flair, mixed with colors of fuchsia, orange, and purple. I would like to capture the years w...
misscolbynomore's Orange wedding
My FH and I have been together for 4 years. We're getting married in Allegany State Park, NY. A sentimental location for both of us. Our colors are orange, red and gray...and will take place on a s...

jewlia24's Orange wedding
My wedding will be a summer celebration with close family and friends, it will be laid back, romantic, and simple. :) We are doing almost everything on our own!
amcauley's Orange wedding
A celebration of love, life and family. Looking forward to an amazing day in a beautiful setting, surrounded by our closest family and friends. I cannot wait to marry this amazing man. I never th...
natbrnrdhd's Orange wedding
I am already having so much fun planning my "Autumn Wedding". I love the bright colors in the fall and can't wait to incorporate them in the ceremony. From attire and decorations to flowers and inv...

inlo28's Orange wedding
Excited and waiting for the day to come!
jessicahonigford's Orange wedding
We want a fall wedding so we went with 10-16-10. The day also happens to be sweetest's day (by coincidence only). Our color is orange with accents using deep reds, browns, champagnes and perhaps ...
naglehad23's Orange wedding
My wedding colors for the dresses are burnt orange espresso and ivory. Sounds bad but looks great!

alopez01's Orange wedding
coral and grey
jmillernwt's Orange wedding
My parents have moved to Spain for the year, and so we decided that we would have the wedding there. Vinnie and his family are all originally from New Zealand (they immigrated to Canada back in the...
mrsfoltz's Orange wedding
Im going for a fall theme! This is my five year anniversary and we are having a big reception type party

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light1882's Orange wedding
Our colors are blue and orange - we're going for a city skyline at night sort of theme. The wedding will be very non-traditional.
beccalind22's Orange wedding
By the time we get married, we will be engaged for 2 1/2 years! It's been such a long engagement already but we are able to plan everything slowly and without much stress....should be a beautiful c...
torre068's Orange wedding
Bon Voyage! We will be setting sail on August 9th, 2010 aboard the Paradise Carnival cruise ship. It will be a four-day cruise that heads to Catalina, Ensenada and a day at sea. I'm super excited a...
just2lovebirds's Orange wedding
My colors are Persimmon, Cocoa, Champagne, and Clover... :D I am all about DIY and Handmade Crafty stuff so we'll see how my wedding planning goes!

chelleandmj's Orange wedding
Official Date/Time/Place TBA
raqueld27's Orange wedding
Coral Inspired!!!
nluckey's Orange wedding
I haven't started making any plans colors are coral orange, brown, and champagne.
bemyne05's Orange wedding
Winter themed wedding Chic, contempoary, modern, glitz an are a girls best friend! We want style, elegance, intimate, an a meaningful wedding that we can always think about an ...

mimi79's Orange wedding
the theme for my wedding is all Antique Vintage... the colors will be a rusted orange with Champaign
masonsmomma's Orange wedding
OMG!!! I cant believe how fast the big day is approaching. We are having a fall themed wedding. Orange and Brown are my two main colors. I am so excited. But I feel like I still have so much to do....
sparklew's Orange wedding
We are two fun, light hearted individuals looking forward to sharing our big day. In spirit of that, we are planning a fun/ semi formal affair. Our colors are orange and navy.

kcbride2be's Orange wedding
My Fiancée and I have been together for 4 years and 3 months. We are the best of friends and each others' right arms. We want our wedding to be fun, memorable and quirky. We chose our colors first...
nicolejanineels's Orange wedding
The theme will be farm. And the colours will be blue and orange.
aschnoebel's Orange wedding
My colors will be orange and pink, his fav color and my fav color. It will probably be a backyard wedding with quite a few people.

beachweddingbride's Orange wedding
We origanally wanted to have a very small tropical wedding...Well as am a dive instructor, we really wanted to have it under water on scuba, but that idea did not go over so well with the grandpare...
soon2bemilliman's Orange wedding
We're actually getting married on Easter, April 12, 2009... just the two of us and a pastor on the beach. Our reception will be on April 10, 2010 with all of our family... it's being post-poned a y...
futuremrsduffey2011's Orange wedding
I am having and Orange and Navy wedding. My Fiance and I are HUGE Auburn football fans which is why we chose the colors. My fiance is an Auburn University graduate and I am in nursing school. Our w...

navylover's Orange wedding
soontobejlo's Orange wedding
We are getting married in my church which is also where I went to grade school. Our colors are black and white with orange, fuchsia and lime green accents. I'm aiming for a modern, chic and fun l...
rosebud09's Orange wedding
Very intimate and unforgetable wedding I'm planning to share with my love and closest friends...
ashnrob802's Orange wedding
I CAN'T WAIT FOR MY WEDDING DAY!....It is getting closer!!!! Things are coming together Beautifully!

klh110's Orange wedding
Well it's a church wedding, I'll be arriving there in a classy Black Jaguar (would have loved to have arrived on the back of a Vespa but don't think my hair style would allow for the helmet!!)... ...
jellywelly's Orange wedding
My wedding will take place on 10/23/2010 and our colors are Garnet and Tangerine.
kendralyn's Orange wedding
I have officially been married for one month now ha ha We had the most beautiful wedding! I couldnt believe how good everything was.. we used oranges, reds, greens, browns and yellows. It was truel...

justkandra's Orange wedding
Planning to have a fun young exciting wedding filled with music celebration and thanks to God for our love. I am so excited that the day will soon be here, Sam is my best friend and he is making my...