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Can anyone find me a knock-off of this dress?? PLEASE!

I plan on wearing a more tradition wedding dress for the ceremony and part of the reception (maybe something lace and mermaid-ish with a sash and some peacock feathers) but i'd like to wear something more fun and offbeat later in the night. I LOVE *drool* this Alexander McQueen dress!!! And wish i could wear it....but, i don't even wanna know how much it costs, LOL. Would love to find a knock off or something similar. Please help me out ladies!!!

(you can see my peacock decor inspiration in my previous post)
dreamstar's Orange wedding
 |  Los angeles, CA, USA  |  11/25/2008  | 
Wow, love this!  wish I knew where to get a knockoff too!  Also love those thigh highs on your below post.  Sexy for sure!
scheri's Chocolate wedding
 |  Edmonton, AB, Canada  |  01/15/2009  | 
try edressme.com
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