Jun 12, 2011

Looking for a little assistance here! I know that I am going to need to make out-of-town guest bags since our friends and family are so scattered, and I also want to make gift bags for my bridesmaids.

What in the world should I put in them?

I know that out-of-town guest bags usually have water and small food items that are associated with the area - that stuff is no problem but is there anything else that would be good to have in there?

As for the bridesmaids' gift bags, I am going to make each of them a clutch purse to match the dresses, but I don't really know what else to include! I don't want to give them silly trinkets that they'll never use again - I'd rather spend the money on paying for them to have their makeup done professionally. What kinds of things did you guys include?

So many gifts to buy...and all while keeping my budget in mind!
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sjsbride's Blue wedding
Terre haute, IN, USA
We didn't do out of town guest bags because most of our guests are from around here. So I can't help you there.

As for the the girls gifts, I got them each a pearl necklace/earring set that they will wear Saturday! Also I included a set of Bath and Body Works lotion, spray, and shower gel. I gave them each a picture frame so that they can use it for the professional shots. Then one random item that goes along with what they like.

Good luck!
laurie88's Orange wedding
Westminster, MD, USA
We are doing out of town guest bags too for the people staying at the resort. Here's a link to my post about mine and what to put in them. =) http://www.weddingbycolor.com/laurie88/milestones/169774#comment

As for the girls gifts, I got tote bags with there names on them for $12 at exclusively weddings.com and I made personalized wine glasses for them (they were about $5 each to make with paint and boxes) I also got a bath and body works gift set, on sale for $15 each around christmas time. It's a martini shaker with lotion and lip gloss inside. Super cute! I also got them flip flops with their names on them for them to wear on my bachelorette beach weekend =)
savagehart's Black wedding
Rocklin, CA, USA
I got my bridesmaids monogrammed make up bags, inside there is the jewelry for them to wear at the wedding, and a silver heart compact mirror.
penguinsinlove's Purple wedding
Glendale heights, IL, USA
all good ideas! I think I may just tuck their jewelry inside the clutch purses and be done with it. :) I guess I felt like I NEEDED to do more, but it's good to know it's not required.

as for the out of town guests I think I will figure out those bags when I know how many people there will be!

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