Jul 3, 2009

We have decided on an awesome Photographer. However, he's only available for a couple hours before he has to attend another wedding. Therefore, he suggested to take our Bride and Groom photos before the ceremony so we don't feel rushed (Reception immediately following). He will be there to take the ceremony pics and his assistant will be at the reception for just an hour. I really don't know how much time it takes to do the photo session. I personally would wait until after the ceremony, but I want great pictures in the end. What would you do?
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shana831's Chocolate wedding
Cohoes, NY, USA
The bride and groom not seeing each other before the wedding is more of a traditional thing, and I guess now a days more of a personal preference.  Personally I don't want to see him before I walk down the aisle because I want to see his reaction then.  I know a lot of people who have had their pictures taken before the ceremony not necessarily because of a time restraint but more because they want to enjoy their reception and pictures take quite a bit of time.  The photographer is going to want to get pictures of you and your FH with your bridesmaids and groomsmen, you and your FH with your parents, with his parents, with you and your girls, him and his guys, etc. etc.  Moving people around and posing, etc. etc. takes time.  I think that's more of a personal preference.  Why not discuss it with your FH and see what his opinion is?
futuredrbraun's Pink wedding
State college, PA, USA
I know a bride and groom who did their pictures before so that they were more "fresh" because the bride had just had her hair and makeup done (and hadn't cried yet)! They still set it up where the groom saw the bride for the first time and got amazing shots of this outside before the ceremony.

I personally don't want to see my FH before the ceremony, but I really think that it is just a personal preference! If you think that you will get better pics doing them before the ceremony then go for it! :)
kelseymike's Black wedding
Russell, IA, USA
I really don't want my FH and I to see eachother before our ceremony, but I'm afraid that we are going to have to. I really don't want to have to take pictures after our ceremony. I would rather go straight to our reception and have fun without having to worry about pictures. And I don't want to keep our guests waiting.
So what I think we are going to do is just take a moment by ourself before we take our pictures together so that we can see eachother and kind of have an intimate moment, ya know :)  We can just meet together in a room. I know that some brides and groom exchange a small gift or love note before the ceremony, so this would be a great chance to do that!
So I would just suggest that you make it special and take time together to appreciate eachother.
I know that it is a tradition and kind of a superstitious thing, but there is something that my FH always tells me about wedding superstitions. He says that he isn't going to rely on superstitions to determine our relationship. He says that he loves me and that nothing can change that. And he says that he will rely on God to determine our fate. Not superstitions.
I just think that's so cute that he says that! I love it! And it's so true!
So whatever you choose will be fine. Just work with it and make it special! :)
futuremrsvince's Pink wedding
Gainesville, VA, USA
it's totally up to you!  the "first look" shots can be just as romantic and intimate as seeing you first time down the aisle :).
sbbride's Blue wedding
Modesto, CA, USA
my fsil said that she and her husband saw each other before the ceremony as more of a comfort thing. Her photographer set up a romantic setting, she was in her suite looking out a window when he walked in. That way they got the first look without the pressure of everyone looking at the groom expecting a big reaction. My FH and I are thinking of doing the same thing, and taking some bride and groom pics then too. That way, the picture taking session with family shouldn't take more than our cocktail hour before the reception. We haven't decided yet either.
's  wedding
Cocoa, FL, USA
It's a matter of personal preference now. We would never have done this, and my husband still recounts how he felt when I came through the archway: "I thought I was going to be totally fine and cool... but then I saw you, and my heart just felt like it was going to explode. It was amazing."

It sounds like it may be a wise decision in your case, though.

You'll only get wedding pictures once. And while it is wonderfully romantic not to see each other until you walk down the aisle, your pictures will be what stick around after that.

This doesn't have to be scientific, though. You can still make that moment special, and instruct your photographer to get those "first sight" expressions. Have a special place for the two of you to meet, and build up the anticipation for him by walking up behind him and then letting him turn around to see you. It can be just as special as that first glance of you walking down the aisle.
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Grand falls, NL, Canada
You can do both!

Have the photographer capture the groom and groomsmen in all their photos, and the groom and his family.

Then, have the photographer do the same for the bride, her bridesmaids and bride's family.

After the ceremony, get a few shots of the entire bridal party, a shot or two with you guys with your parents, then a few of just the two of you.
lizzsdrmwedd's Pink wedding
Los angeles, CA, USA
If you dont mind it then dont worry I'm also see my FH before the wedding because of the daylight issue but I dont see anything wrong with it I'm even showing him the pictures of my dresses.
go for it girl all you are going to have show for your wedding are your pictures.

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