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Apr 15, 2009

Plastic Champagne Glasses

I went to a party supply store yesterday and was shocked at what I found. The store is Party Daze here in Florida. I went in looking for the plastic champagne glasses for the guest toasts. I had priced them from Smarty had a party but with shipping it was a little high. Well I found them and they were 9.99 for 25 glasses. The box said they were from Oriental Trading Co. I didn't buy them because I wasn't sure of the quality.

Has anyone ever bought these glasses from Oriental Trading. If so what were they like?
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Plastic glasses found at Party Daze
futuresmrst's Black wedding
the only thing i didn't like about these glass was that they are 2 piece. you have to attach the bottom to the actual glass. I'm just afraid they might come apart while someone is using them and spill the drink everywhere. The ones from smartyhadaparty are one piece glasses
savillon's Pink wedding
Del valle, TX, USA
I havent bought champagne glasses from them but I have bought party supplies...lots and lots of party supplies , the quality was good - I've bought worse at the local supermarket

check out their website, they have tons of stuff!

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