Mar 3, 2009

What is the Father of the Bride suppose to wear? My dad will go get fitted for his attire this weekend and I am not quite sure what to have him wear.

My Groomsmen and Groom will be in brown Tuxedos does my dad try and match them with the same tux or does he need to wear a suit in brown or black?

I know its really all up to me but whats really the traditional thing to have them wear? I want him to blend but also stand out...idk
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shoeaholic's Purple wedding
Edmonton, AB, Canada
Maybe your father can wear an accent colour from your wedding.  Or a different shade of brown.  If your parents are together, what is your mom wearing??..get him to match the colour she's wearing.  My accent colour is gold so I asked my mom to find a gold dress and my dad will wear a gold vest to match.

Good luck!
here2help's Blue wedding
Mesa, AZ, USA
I had both dads wear the same thing. They wore Calvin Klein pinstripe suits with black vest/tie. The Groom and groommen were in plain black Ralph Lauren suits with turquoise vest/tie. Since your color is brown, I'd put him in brown as well, but make the vest a different color from the groomsmen =]
kmogilevski's Black wedding
Cincinnati, OH, USA
Both of our dads aren't excited about wearing tuxes, they would be just fine with suits.  But the mother insisted.  So everyone matches, the groomsmen and dads are wearing tuxes.  The groom will have a white vest, groomsmen black vests and dads will have platinum (grey) vests.  I personally didn't care if the dads matched or not.  If you're having the groomsmen in brown, then make sure the dads wear a coordinating color.  Don't do brown and black, lol.  You can do khaki, a different shade of brown, or navy.
's  wedding
Concord, ON, Canada
My dad is wearing a Charcoal grey suit...he hasn't got a tie yet but I'm going to see if he wants to get something with a little blue stripe, the colour of my accent colour, either that or he's tie will match my moms dress.
As long as he's wearing a suit though, and he doesn't clash with the colours I think he'll look great.

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