Dec 18, 2008

Well my FH and I were talking and since we are deciding on doing Italian food we will probably go with a restaurant like Olive Garden or Romeo’s to do our catering. Now the only thing is that we def. don’t want to over buy food or not buy enough. Since we are getting chicken parmesan and fettuccini its not real cheap so my FH had the idea of asking each person whom we are inviting if they plan on coming to eat…is that TACKY?

We haven’t sent out the invitations yet to really get an “rsvp” response so this is solution to kind of get an idea of the amt of food we plan on ordering.

I am just not too sure about it…thoughts?
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futuremrsweikle's Pink wedding
Newnan, GA, USA
I think it's fine to ask who's coming and if they are eating. Just tell them you want to make sure to order enough food for everyone and you wouldn't want them going hungry!
tiggre99's Red wedding
Herndon, VA, USA
Lots of people put on their RSVP card the food choices--depending on how you are serving it either plated or buffet style Chick Parm, Alfredo, or both (remember that commercial a looooong time ago...the bride and groom were looking at the responsce cards "beef, beef, beef, beef CHICKEN, beef beef hahah anyway) ....why not just do that and wait for the responses to come in...then you can always add a few more of each dish to cover the unexpected.  If you ask people now and in person they may feel obligated to say yes we'll be there but may either be a no show or change their minds later.  Or plan for the worst and assume everyone that you are sending an invite to say yes and you will need to order for that many people--that way if you have to order less it's a pleasant surprise.
amcs76's Green wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
Nothing wrong with that at all. On my RSVP Cards I put

Please select your entree option:
____ Veal Marsala
____ Lemon Chicken

It makes life sooo much easier than having to call and email all your guests.
eponine923's Green wedding
Lancaster, PA, USA
I would just inclued a card in the invitations. Not at all tacky & it will really help you out!
bpollar4's Pink wedding
Savannah, GA, USA
There nothing wrong with asking your quest that question, and thank for your response girl it's our day so we can do what we want.
rodrhonda4ever's Blue wedding
Sacramento, CA, USA
Good question. I would definitely send our your R.S.V.P.'s in enough times so you can have the appropriate amount of time for food prepping. Don't pay for the food yet, until you at least know for sure. If Olive Garden or Romeo's have the option for you paying now and if the head count changes with enough advance notice, there should be a problem. We're doing Italian food also. Pasta Milano
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