Feb 2, 2009

I am an esthetician, or skin care specialist and thought I would share some tips or offer advice for anyone who has any questions. As far as skin care routine everyone needs to be using a good cleanser for your skin type, also using a toner is very important. I think most women skip this step because they have no idea what it does. A toner is not only used to close pores, but it brings skin back to it's ph balance after cleansing. This is important so that the products you put on after, such as serum or moisturizer work at their best. Next is serum which is the product that is actually going to make a difference in your skin. Serums are able to reach into the deeper layers of skin than moisturizer, again choose one for your skin type. Last is eye cream and moisturizer. You also want to be exfoliating once a week. I really like using enzyme peels, and ones that get hot and tingle. They make your skin look amazing. Using a masque often will also be beneficial depending on the type your using. I use Eminence organic skin care on myself and all my clients. I swear by it. It's all organic and it works soo good. If any of you have used it you know how amazing it is. Some of their products I love are yam and pumpkin enzyme peel. almond and mineral exfoliant, herbal spot serum is AMAZING for breakouts. I kid you not they will be gone after 3 days of using the stuff. All their products are amazing and they're 100% organic!! Also just so you ladies know professional products found in spas have around 85-95% active ingredient content. Products that you find at drugstores and even products found in department stores only carry up to 12% active ingredients. They don't even compare. Don't waste your money!!!!!! If anyone has any questions about waxing or facials and skin care feel free to ask. I do all kinds of waxing also including brazillians!!
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Smyrna, TN, USA
Thanks so.. so.. much for sharing. I have horrible skin; I am anemic and my skin doesn't heal as fast, so if i have a zit it will scab and scar my face. I have been getting micro peels for the last 4 weeks to get rid of some of the scarring, the last one was a higher percentage and it left my skin extremely red. I have been looking for a good mositurizer and never even heard of serum, so thanks again for sharing.
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San antonio, TX, USA
I currently use Exuviance products and LOVE them...do you have any serum suggestions?  I need some moisture around my eyes and forehead area.
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Toronto, ON, Canada
Thank you so much for this post,how nice and honest of you to share, plus you are gorgeous!  I do have a question, curretly I am using clinique,how good is clinique any idea?  Could you give me the name of a good organic brand for facial care? and where can I get it?

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