Sep 30, 2009

How many of you are doing a receiving line? Anybody deciding NOT to? Im a little confused about one thing.....I read in one of my bridal magazines that if your cocktail hour is in a DIFFERENT room than your reception....the receiving line can be made after cocktail hour, and the guests would go thru it upon entering the reception room....then after they are all seated, the introductions would start. Makes sense. BUT, what if your cocktail hour is in the same room as your reception?? When and where would you do the receiving line?? I just dont quite get how thats sposta go.... mom wants us all to be a part of cocktail hour!! She thinks it would be great to have that extra time actually being able to talk with guests and not miss out on dancing!! I know theres quite a few people who do that so its not a big deal...but now Im trying to figure out where to squeeze in pics after the ceremony?? Maybe just do them quickly and head to cocktail hour? And then Im still confused AGAIN as to when and where to do the receiving line lol oh boy.

I would REALLY appreciate some advice, ideas, dos and donts, etc..
Thanks so much!! :)
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receiving line
bethann0508's White wedding
Encino, CA, USA
these are great questions. i need to figure this stuff out too and don't have the answers so i hope we get some good ones.
gratefulbride's Blue wedding
Charlotte, NC, USA
I think in most cases there are a few reasons why couples elect not to do a receiving line, including:

1. Time restraints due to picture taking
2.  Wanting to do a Grand Entrance at Reception
3.  Choosing to walk around to guest tables and greet ppl that way

Immediately following the ceremony we will have a cake and punch reception at the church for some guests who are not invited to our private (smaller reception).  This will be brief, with hugs, kisses & thanks to these guests.  We will also have their favors.  For the private reception (at a 2nd location) for our travelling guests, immediate family & very close friends, we will have a Grand Entrance with the music and all.

So, this way everything is split up for us without being overwhelming with trying to talk to people.  My main goal is just to let our guests know just how much we really appreciate them coming out to spend the day with us.  I don't think we'll visit every table, but hopefully the entrance & a toast will suffice.
gratefulbride's Blue wedding
Charlotte, NC, USA
BTW, I am a fan of receiving lines.  I went to a wedding a few weeks ago & I couldnt stay for the reception.  The fact that the couple had a receiving line really made me feel good to get to speak to them one on one & share my congrats.  I think it's very personable to have them, no matter how "traditional" they may be.  No matter what you come up with, you want to find a way to include or acknowledge your guests.  You never know what sacrifice(s) they may have made to celebrate the wedding with you.
pinkchicagobride85's Pink wedding
Bourbonnais, IL, USA
lol oh good im not the only one!! Ive tried looking this stuff up in books/magazines/online....but I think the best advice comes from fellow brides to be!! And the wbc ladies are just amazing so I have faith we will get some good answers!! lol
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