Oct 1, 2009

I was wondering if you ladies were getting your FH a gift for the wedding day? I was wanting to. I know he usually gets us a gift...but what about him? If you are getting him a gift...what are yall gettin him? Im thinkin about gettin him a nice watch or something to do with golf. IDK. Help me.
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jajb2010's Black wedding
Calgary, AB, Canada
Well I think that gift giving is a little overated to be honest..you spend thousands of dollars on a Wedding Day and then you have to dish out more money for gifts?? We're writting eachother a letter the day of and will be exchanging it before I get my makeup on ha ha ha. If you do want to give him something give him a Boudoir album of his beautiful Wife to Be!!
bugchick0's Purple wedding
Newport news, VA, USA
The gift I gave my husband on our wedding day was a surprise drive in his dream car, a 1970 Chevelle SS.  He is still talking about it to this day.  A really nice surprise would be a very thoughtful gift, better than a material possession.  Something that took some thought and planning to pull off, to show him how much you love him and are looking forward to becoming his wife.  A lady I know had a someone play bagpipes as she walked down the aisle, as a surprise to her husband, because he loves that type of stuff, and he was so surprised and happy about her thoughtfulness!  Good luck coming up with something special!
imdawn's Red wedding
Petoskey, MI, USA
I bought my husband Moto GP tickets (motorcycle racing) there are only two races in the U.S. they are usually overseas..I know little to nothing about these races, but Jake watches them religiously on tv and he about died when I surprised him with the tickets on our wedding day!  

It was a 7 hour drive to Indianapolis and I booked us a suite at the Marriott..it was such a great weekend and I can't even tell you how excited my husband was!!



momo83's Black wedding
New york, NY, USA
I'm going to be his gift! LOL put a bow on me I will jump out the box LOL just joking. I don't know if I will get him a gift after spending all this money on the wedding I may be to broke! No really I don't know what I will do for him! So sad!
hlrheawedding's Black wedding
Columbia, MO, USA
My fiance isn't a gift giving guy so I suggested writing a letter and giving to each other on the wedding day.  I know I will treasure that more than any material item.  

He would probably love what bugchick0 did-a surprise ride in a new Camaro would make his jaw drop!
deneanrae's Blue wedding
Red deer, AB, Canada
yea...im getting him a metal detector...nerdiest thing ever and childish but he has been begging for one since i met him... im giving in...stupid thing lol
alyytini's Black wedding
Charlotte, NC, USA
I thought about giving mine just a card b/c we dont even exchange presents at xmas... we live together and we are saving for our wedding together so we just laugh at the idea of getting each other something expensive b/c we are not made of money lol! But if you want to and can afford it by all means thats great you should go for it :)
joeysgirl's Green wedding
Ottawa, ON, Canada
I was sort of against the gift giving thing.. until I found a couple things I knew my FH would love!
I'm getting him an engraved metal guitar pick.. with the wedding date on it. I'm getting it off etsy.com  I thought it was original. And also cufflinks that are car gear shifts which I got at Tip Top Tailors.. he's a car guy so it makes sense.

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