Wedding Decoration
Jan 26, 2008

still looking for ideas

Don't really know what we will be doing as far as centerpieces yet I just know what my colors are...I guess I should probably start figuring that out seeing as though ther's only like 5 months left.
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sns008's Blue wedding
Saco, ME, USA
I love how the pink pops with the orange. The picture with the buckets, are those your center pieces? They're ridiculously cute!
marta12's Blue wedding
Chicago, IL, USA
Check out and for color combinations.
sweetp's Pink wedding
Little rock, AR, USA
Congrats!!!....i love ur colors im using the same color palette
scheri's Chocolate wedding
Edmonton, AB, Canada
Pretty colors.  What have you decided on for centeroieces?
scheri's Chocolate wedding
Edmonton, AB, Canada
I have a great picture of centerpiece for you

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