Jan 21, 2009

Ok so i never knew my father, but i have two uncles hwo have been like stand in fathers my whole life and i wanted them bothe to be part of my ceremnoy, so one uncle decided he would walk me down the aisle and the other one would marry us. Problem is- in BC Where I live - a person cannot be ordained for one ceremony. But my uncle can marry us if we have a marriage commisioner present.

option 1

We get married with just our immediate family and wedidng party at the rehearsal dinner with the commosioner present - and then saturdya my uncle can "marry" us in front of everyone. And that way the commissioner doesn't have to be present at the "original" ceremony- noone has to kow we were married the night beofre

option 2

we have the commisioner stand up with my uncle during the ceremony.

option 3
we can get married at the court house before of after the ceremony.

i think i like option 1.

thanks ladies
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bananapants's Green wedding
Minneapolis, MN, USA
I agree with you...I like option 1 the best.
irishpocahontas's Purple wedding
Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
Option 2 is cool too though - think about it everyone will know your uncle and they arent going to be put off by a commisioner standing there, they will be more excited about your uncle marrying you. Also see what he would prefer?
arliene06's Blue wedding
Apple valley, CA, USA
I like option 2 too! =]
Let that be the 1st and only time.

ps- my uncle is walking me down asile too!

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