Dec 15, 2011

invitations.....first of all how far in advance should i order them?

and second of all there is so many to chose from!!!!!

i just dont know whr to start!!!!

here are some that i like so far.....and i want it to be a DIy project!!!!

so wats a place for paper and other things that will be needed??!?!??!?!
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pbwithoutthej's Pink wedding
Rocky mount, NC, USA
I'm getting my invitation materials from
I recently ordered several samples of cardstock and vellum paper from there. If you're unsure what paper to use you can order samples fisrt for $0.50-$0.75 each. And I think shipping is $1
sept2012bride's Blue wedding
San jose, CA, USA
Love them & I agree that there are so many to choose from.... sometimes my mind goes a little crazy :) Good Luck picking just one!
pkhines985's Purple wedding
Baton rouge, LA, USA
thanks ladies!!!! i thought i loved number one which is now number 2 cuz i love number 1 now got it off the saite u rec pbwithouthei thx for the site!!!!
royallyurs612's Pink wedding
Flint, MI, USA
I strongly suggest It'll cost u only 6 bucks to do it all right at home! They have cardstock (the thicker paper) for sale too...but u can get that @ like walmart/office max/staples too.  Good luck girly!
pkhines985's Purple wedding
Baton rouge, LA, USA
ok thx royallyurs612

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