Apr 16, 2009

Since I changed the location of my wedding from Hawaii to the coast of BC :( I thought the least I could have was a bouquet with Hawaiian flowers. I hope I can find some! These are the Bouques I like best :)

I'll probably mix the flowers in the last 2 photos...
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LOVE IT but probably wont get it :(
Hard to find flowers...
I can wish lol
I think this will be the closest I can get... Orchids. This one is so pretty!
I may mix these with the white Orchids :)
mauibride's Black wedding
Honolulu, HI, USA
if you like the ones in the first picture try searching the internet for fake plumerias, most are made of foam. they look super real and are beautiful
pookylaa's Pink wedding
Agassiz, BC, Canada
I just checked out eBay and they have TONS of foam plumeria.... hair accessories lol! Hair clips, hair elastics, hair pins... Hmmmmm, that makes me think though, I could probably make a really cute bouquet out of those, they do look really real!

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