Pink Ceremony Adding more children?

Adding more children?

Ok ladies I really need to vent... my FH and FMIL are driving me crazy!!! My FMIL suggested that I add more children to my wedding party...FYI I have 2 flower girls and 2 banner holders. So since she suggested it my FH said that is something he would like. FMIL wants me to add 2 more girls and one boy. Ok i have nothing for the boy to do so i told FH i would compromise and add the 2 girls. He got upset and couldn't understand why I wouldn't put his cousin in the wedding. The 2 girls are also his cousins and i am going to have them hold a basket with bubbles that will be given at the end of the ceremony.I am so upset ladies I do not want to put any more children in the wedding! I don't know what to do and I really need advice.
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