Wedding Shoes

I absolutely love these shoes, but the only down fall is I CAN'T WEAR HEELS!!!!! I tried walking around the house and almost fell a few times, but it's never to early to start to practice.
I order these last year from gojane.com
They were on sale for $10 so I had to get them.
Mike laughed when he found out what my plans were for them, they look great with my dress and my pink crinoline, I'll post my DIY on that soon too.
I figured why have boring white shoes under a white dress, a pop of color no one would even suspect it coming, well maybe from me lol.
(no offence to brides wearing white shoes, everyone has there reasons. (: )
futuremrssanchez's Orange wedding
 |  Chicago, IL, USA  |  06/28/2010  | 
Love your shoes!!!!
macbride's Orange wedding
 |  Hamilton, ON, Canada  |  06/28/2010  | 
Lol no offense taken :). Love the shoes. I'm not a heels person either, so I'm going to be practicing just like you. And $10. You can't beat the price!
alicia2011's Blue wedding
 |  Madison, WI, USA  |  06/28/2010  | 
Awesome! My wedding is all about color and these rock!!
futuremrswilson's Black wedding
 |  Pineville, LA, USA  |  06/28/2010  | 
Love them! I can't wear heels because i'll be taller than FH :( But for 10$, thats a great deal! Just practice practice practice! By the time its your wedding day, you will be a pro! :)
prettyinpink2011's Pink wedding
 |  Grande prairie, AB, Canada  |  06/28/2010  | 
I'm gonna be taller then my FH when I wear them but he doesn't care, that's what he says now but once he see's the pics haha.
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