Jun 8, 2009

My dad and I have a strained relationship to say the least. BUT he is making an effort despite his wife refusing to attend my wedding because she would have to see my mother (my parents have been divorced for 18 years now and they have been married 15 maybe, childish much?!?!?!) and making the trip up to Tennessee from Florida for the wedding by himself. So I asked him to walk me down the aisle as a sort-of peace offering and I would like to dance with him but I am having a heck of a time finding a song. My dad isn't much into country or pop or even swing that I am aware of. The last time I really spent time with my father when he was "my" father (about 15 years ago) he always liked Tom Petty, Sting, and Rod Stewart. I DO NOT want something sappy or creepy and incestuous sounding. I want something that says "Hey we both made mistakes but we're here lets move on." So here's what I have so far:
Tom Petty - Square One
John Hiatt - Have a Little Faith in Me

Anyone have any other suggestions or opinions?
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Tom Petty
John Hiatt
futuremrscarrejola's Purple wedding
Brampton, ON, Canada
I can`t think of any suggestions off the top of my head but I really like the idea of using `Having a Little Faith in Me that is a really good one you thought up.  I think it definately conveys what you said you wanted to say about ``hey we both made mistakes but we`re here let`s move on`` and Have a Little Faith in me reflects that a lot.  i think that`s a great choice:)

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