May 22, 2008

Because we're having a "destination" wedding in Pigeon Forge, TN we wanted to find a reception location as close as possible to our preferred accommodation's so our guest won't have to travel very far. Fortunately the cabin resort we're staying at has a clubhouse that can be ours for the entire day for $200. They furnish tables and chairs as pictured and a full kitchen with dual refrigerators and stoves. There is a balcony with stairs that lead down to the pool and gazebo. It's just the right size for our small (50-60 guest) reception, however I'm at a loss on what to do with the walls and ceilings. I like the look of paper lanterns but I'm worried about the work required in putting them up as most of it will be done by the wedding party. We're on a limited budget so any low cost suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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Main Entrance
Far wall
Door to balcony
Paper Lanterns
Aqua Paper Lantern
Brown Paper Lantern
White Paper Lantern
dd977chic's Black wedding
well if the reception is at night i would have like a blue lights reflecting off the walls ...or some kind of lighting...

i was considering doing paper lanterns too but i changed my mind.... i could see it being a pain with your ceiling cause its vaulted.

since you might not be able to hang stuff from the ceiling...then i would use the opportunity to use taller centerpieces... to cut budget costs to half tables with tall ones and other will smaller centerpieces.
princessofdenial's Blue wedding
Toledo, OH, USA
I like the lighting idea, that would look neat. I could even uplight some fake trees or bunches of branches in pots. Thanks!
's  wedding
Atlanta, GA, USA
I would use some artifical trees like ur inspiration pic. Then I would do the laterns..bust just a few centered down the middle..if they are light enough you can simply hang them with a tack. Or you could do blue or white light stands covered in tulle run back n forth on the celing... that would be a great project for the grooms men.

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