I'm selling some things that we have left over from the reception.
I can take PayPal. Shipping charges can be discussed as most of my items are glass and will require special packing.

Bud Vases 13 $6 for all or $0.75 each
These measure 7 3/4in. high and are 1 1/2in. wide at the opening.
I have them wrapped in teal and black ribbon but I will be willing to remove it before shipping if you purchase them all.

Cylinder Vases 12 $12 for all or $1.25 each
NEVER USED! I purchased these intending to use them for my centerpieces but they were to large.
They are 7 3/4in. high and 3 3/4in. wide at the opening.

Votive Holders/Votive Candles 72 $50 for all or $0.75 each
There are 6 dozen, 4 dozen have been used, 2 dozen are new but 1 dozen is SLIGHTLY larger but never opened. Order them all and I will throw in a new box of 21 ivory votive candles free.

Birdcage Card Holder $15

Apothecary Candy Jar $10
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Blue Market Place Reception Items
Blue Market Place Reception Items
Blue Market Place Reception Items
Blue Market Place Reception Items
Blue Market Place Reception Items
Blue Market Place Reception Items
Blue Market Place Reception Items
Blue Market Place Reception Items
Things working up to the wedding day were chaotic. Mom forgot a lot of things, we forgot a lot of things so we ran around trying to replace the things we really needed. 2 days before the wedding we were told guest who had been telling us up to the weekend that they were not coming and they had known for 2 weeks! We also found out that MIL gave us incorrect names for some of our family members guests. Needless to say we scrapped the seating chart. We reserved certain tables for "important" people and let everyone else sit where they pleased.

Monday we had to go finalize the table arrangements at the venue which TBH was pointless. Every bit of input I had he informed me that "99% of brides prefer it this way..." (this way being the way he said we should do it) I finally said "Well we're having a Wednesday wedding I am clearly not 99% of brides!" Then MOH gets there for the rehearsal and decorating and 2 of the tables aren't even set-up. The staff of Twin Cedar Farms was polite and friendly but OMG it was like pulling teeth to get them to do anything. The "supervisor" as we're calling her just stood there and watched us run around trying to set things up. Occasionally she would point out where certain things were located. My mom said the candles were going out and she mentioned it to her and she said "Well the fan blows them out" and my mom was like "So relight them!" DH had to tell the guy who was supposed to be directing traffic before the ceremony to get on it because our guests were parking in the wrong place.

The owner went on at great length about how they NEVER set-up chairs for all the guest because half never sit... guess what EVERYONE of our guests sat! Glad I insisted on having chairs for everyone. He said the kids table was a bad idea because the kids never sit so I scrapped the idea but the kids all took over their own table anyway! We also hired servers and a bartender which for the most part did the job (almost to well because they were taking food away that people weren't finished with) but some of the guests said they weren't friendly. They did recommend we donate the food to a local food bank and even took it after the reception was over.

Our photographer Valerie Foley was AMAZING! Despite us being late she was calm and keeping me calm. We lost an hour of photography time but she made up for it. Everyone had great things to say about her and couldn't believe how many pictures she got. I'm so excited to see them! She said right now is her busy time (obviously with it being June) but she will have them up in about 2 weeks. The pictures I have put up came from my mom and brother who both did a great job not only taking pictures but making and setting up the food. They took TONS! And my brother digitally recorded the whole ceremony. I don't even have ALL the pictures! So more to come eventually!
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Horse and Carriage
Adult Wedding Party
Wedding Party
MOH and Bestman
BM and GM
Collin and Alana
Me and Mom
Me and Dad
We're the little black and white dots on the hill
Wedding Cake
The Good:
We're married! The weather was AMAZING! The ceremony was BEAUTIFUL. The food was EXCELLENT and we had more the enough for everyone. We had a GREAT time at the reception for the most part.

The Bad:
We were an hour late and the photographer was already there. My brother a groomsmen got the wrong color shirt! The cake, while beautiful, was NOT what I wanted. The venue staff was most unhelpful and had to be directed to do EVERYTHING!

The Ugly:
MIL got utterly TRASHED! His family then wanted DH to carry her out! She was sobbing and going on about losing her son and blah blah blah and how she wasn't going to visit us anymore. Once a martyr always a martyr.
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Walking down the aisle
Me reading my vows to DH
First Kiss
Being wisked away
DH helping me out of the carriage
First Dance
... I have never been so glad to get my period. It's ETA was on Tuesday/Wednesday which would have meant cramping, bloating and HORRIBLE skin for the wedding and honeymoon. But YAY it will be all over before we even head over to Townsend.
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I'm so angry at my step-sister. Here's the email exchange we just had regarding my wedding, well more her daddy issues then my wedding.

Hey just wondering if u and M are going to make it to the wedding next Wednesday? I have to let them know how many tables/chairs we need by Friday at the latest! Let me know! Really hope you guys can make it!

Her (after her father refused to give her $20)
no we wont be coming.my car wont make it down there and i really dont want to go and be ignored and treated like shit by your mom and my dad...it has nothing to do with you but he has always been that way towards me and now its worse that he is with her.

Umm hello?!?! That's my mother your talking about... but no it has nothing to do with me!

Me (my blood is boiling at this point and I had to retype this about 6 times)
Wow way to make it sound like it has nothing to do with me when you insult my mother?!?! A simple no I can't make it would be sufficient no need to insult my mother who has tried to go out of her way to make you and your siblings feel welcome. Your father NEVER has a bad word to say about you or your sister and brother nor has my mother, at least not to me or Rich. What has been mentioned to me is that repeatedly they try to make plans with you and your sister and they get canceled. I have seen this for myself on several occasions. Including my wedding. I'm sorry you feel ignored and treated like shit but they are adults and so are we. They have their own lives and financial responsibilities. I don't know what happened in the past and honestly I don't care but what I can see is a father who loves his children and tries to do right by them. I'm sorry you can't make it to the wedding. Rich and I would have really liked for you, M and E to have been there to share our day. I would appreciate however in the future if you have a problem with your father or my mother to take it to them and not put me in the middle. I have my own life and bullshit to deal with.

I know slightly childish but really my wedding is not the time for a passive aggressive jab at your father!

Yea your right you dont know how he has been.oh you could say he's a changed a man from what he used to be.ive tried to come over several times but its like you have to make an appointment. i cant just come over when it is alright for him.and she has put me and n down several times to my face when you weren't there.he has watched your lil boy more than he has ever seen his own grandaughter and that his own fault.i've asked him svereal times and m has called him herself but he always has something to do.and madison thinks the world of C and dad.but your right we are adults im used to it cause he has never been around really anyways but thats his choice.
And i didnt insult your mother she shouldnt have said what she did about me and my brother im not a lazy bum and n is not a freeloader.they do have there own life and i havent asked them for a damn thing.So they can shove it where the sun dont shine.....

TBH I can't understand half of it through the grammar and spelling errors. But I'm not sure what you call someone who is 26 and lives with whichever family member who will take him and and not make him have to pay rent or contribute to a household physically or financially. Or a 23 year old who REPEATEDLY leaves perfectly acceptable jobs to sit on her ass picking up men on the internet?!?! Lazy and freeloader work for me. At least her brother ADMITS that he doesn't want to work *lol*! She tried to get me to get in as a CNA where I work but considering her track record I said hell no! The only difference between me and my mom is that she tries to help them get jobs and move forward me I think she's a waste case! Her brother has potential it just hasn't been harvested yet.

B again your daddy issues are not my concern. If you have a problem with your father or my mother take it to them. I have my own life to tend to.

This family is eff'in nuts I swear! Trust me I'm the last one to say Dad's are perfect and flawless *lol* I have mentioned my daddy issues here on a few occasions but dad's like all people make mistakes and bad choices. He at least seems to try to make up for lost ground unfortunately I think he relied a little to much on the financial kick backs to swing them back into his favor. I just don't understand when/how it became my problem? I asked her if she were coming to my wedding because I truly wanted her, her daughter and sister there. I'm just so irritated that she had to be like this.
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Blue Seriously A Step-Sibling Rant
FH and I are highly connected people. We both have cell phones, PDA's and laptops that are in constant use. For the most part I can power down for a few days without a problem but FH's work requires he be somewhat connected at all times. It annoys me but I have learned to live with the constant phone calls interrupting dinner or dates after all it's how he makes his living. He says the day of the wedding his cell phone will go off and he won't be checking his email until we are back in town the following Sunday. I'm not entirely convinced *lol* but I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

How about you ladies. We're all pretty connected considering we have blogs. Will you be powering down for the honeymoon and to what extent? Just computers or cell phones too?
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No Cell Phones
This is it ladies! I am beat and I have run out of vellum, and ink and the blade on my Fiskers paper cutter is EXTREMELY dull. So dull I had to cut the rough edges off 68 places cards by hand. My hands are throbbing and my fingers are sore. My escort cards look AWFUL! They are off center and BLAH because I had to print them on the laser jet which only prints in black. In the 2nd picture you'll see how I tried to make certain people stand out. Anyone under the age of 21 only has a first name on their card and it's typed in Comic Sans. Everyone else is in French script which I didn't show b/c I am to tired to edit out anyone's last name. Also members of the Wedding Party have silver hearts, our parents get red hearts, important people in the ceremony (the Reverend and people doing readings) get a large piece of bling and everyone else gets a small piece of bling. I know they suck but I have to make do with what I have at this point because we are BROKE! The third picture are my contributions to the Welcome Baskets: hot cocoa, Tazo Berryblossom White Tea, and again the Vanilla Cream coffee. Mom and I made the jam in the 4th picture sometime back but I have since applied labels to them. This week/weekend she will be making the English Muffin Loaf and maybe her homemade chocolate chip cookies that everyone in the family loves. I cannot wait for this to be done so I can just relax!
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Escort Card
Escort Cards
Coffee, Tea and Cocoa - Welcome Baskets
Had to share how freaking cute my bags of coffee came out. Couldn't find single serve packets that sounded tasty as well as being in the budget so I got 2 large bags of Vanilla Cream coffee, had it freshly ground, put it in 6-8 cup servings and sealed it with my personalized labels. Thinking about doing the same thing with the hot cocoa.
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Coffee Packets
It's getting down to the wire so FH and I spent this weekend in a flurry of activity trying to get everything done. Thankfully I have/had a 4 day weekend because I only have one day off before we leave for Townsend next Sunday. I'm so excited! Tomorrow we go to get our marriage license, pick up my ring from the jeweler (it needed a good cleaning), get the alcohol and a few other odds and ends. I also have to do the escort cards, package/label the coffee and trim the Calla Lilies for the centerpieces. I can't believe how close it's getting! I just hope everything goes according to plan!
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Decorated Bud Vases
Thank You Buttermints
Tears of Joy
Bundled Programs
Love is Sweet Brownie Labels
English Muffin Loaf Tags
Memorial Tree from Things Remembered
5 Jordan Almonds
Bubbles with Bows
My dad and I have a strained relationship to say the least. BUT he is making an effort despite his wife refusing to attend my wedding because she would have to see my mother (my parents have been divorced for 18 years now and they have been married 15 maybe, childish much?!?!?!) and making the trip up to Tennessee from Florida for the wedding by himself. So I asked him to walk me down the aisle as a sort-of peace offering and I would like to dance with him but I am having a heck of a time finding a song. My dad isn't much into country or pop or even swing that I am aware of. The last time I really spent time with my father when he was "my" father (about 15 years ago) he always liked Tom Petty, Sting, and Rod Stewart. I DO NOT want something sappy or creepy and incestuous sounding. I want something that says "Hey we both made mistakes but we're here lets move on." So here's what I have so far:
Tom Petty - Square One
John Hiatt - Have a Little Faith in Me

Anyone have any other suggestions or opinions?
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Tom Petty
John Hiatt