Despite some minor set backs, that included one toxic friendship and one most un-understanding new job, I've got my girls and we've picked their attire! I <3 them both and I know I can count on them (and their type A personalities and perfectionism) to make the big day flawless or at least appear that way! I really do believe fate had a hand in selecting these girls for me because they both mean so very much to me and FH.

MOH - Erica: bestfriend a girl could have! She's uber talented at wedding planning and without her I don't know where this wedding would be. Heck without her I don't know where I would be period! She can tame my inner bridezilla!

Bridesmaid - Rene: best SIL a girl could have! I called the girl 2 weeks ago after I found out my initial bridesmaid could not make it due to her new job and not a week later she had a dress ordered and was ready to help with whatever I needed. It means so very much to me to have both her and my brother in our wedding.

As for their "uniforms," the dress is by Eden style number 7163 and will be in black. Shoes are from JcPenny and are from the Fergalicious line called Jewel, these will also be in black. Accessories will include teal blue dahlia flower clips, elbow length black satin gloves, teal blue wraps and some sort of teal blue vintage jewelry to be decided later. Can't wait to see it all together!
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Dress in Black
Fergie Shoes in Black
Elbow Length Gloves
Hair Clips
Blue Bridesmaids My <s>Bitches</s> Bridesmaids
Dita Von Tesse is the inspiration for my wedding hair. It's sexy and stylish and very vintage. Love it, love it, love it! I also decided to go with this beautiful side blusher birdcage veil and flower/feather fascinator. I think it will compliment the Dita vintage hair well. And the shoes! Gold gold gold! I can't resist a peep toe, mini-platform with a chunky yet feminine heel. Can't wait for them both to get here!
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Dita Von Teese
Feather/Floral Birdcage Blusher
Gabriella Rocha Daphne in Gold
Well it sure has been awhile since I have posted but my life has been in fast forward! I've been settled in Tennessee for 2 months now. I started my new job on February 2nd and passed my nursing boards on March 12th. We found a renter for the house who wanted to move in ASAP so we said YES YES YES packed up and my boys have been here with me for about 2 weeks. The second night they were here FH ended up in the ER in severe pain resulting from a kidney stone. I'm sure it hurt but I am positive the bill is going to hurt even more because he doesn't have health insurance. But he passed it and is doing much much better now.

Wedding planning is in full swing now. All the major things are booked (venue, minister, photographer, DJ, bartender...). We swung by the venue, Twin Cedar Farms back in December and are just in love with it! It's perfect and I cannot say enough about the owners. They have gone above and beyond to make sure our day is perfect. The dress is purchased and safe in a closet at my mom's. I've got the bridesmaids (things have changed a bit here but I'll get to that in another post) and we've picked the gowns and both girls have ordered them. Shoes have been an issue but I think I have at least the bridesmaids shoes picked. My shoes and veil are another story all together but I will get there. FH has his suit and most of his accessories except shoes. The groomsmen outfits are picked and have been relayed to the fellas. I got the paper to start the invites, RSVP cards, menus and so forth and will be getting started on those next weekend. We have found a rental company in Knoxville that will deliver our linens and other items needed for reception. The menu is still being discussed but we're almost there. The shower is planned and the rehearsal dinner is a small detail that we'll eventually get around to!

I am getting sooooo very excited. Only 90 days, I can't believe it!
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Vintage Style Wedding Photo
First off HAPPY NEW YEAR WBC brides! For many of us this is our big year and I am sure time will fly right by.

For me my life has been in fast forward these past few weeks. My FH's and my dreams are being realized far sooner then we ever could have imagined. We currently live in Toledo, Ohio where the economy like many other manufacturing based economy's is pretty bad off so I took a chance and applied for a nursing job in Kingsport, Tennessee near where my mother lives and where, in July, FH and I will be moving after the wedding and I got it! I start February 2nd. Not only did they offer me a nice hourly salary but they went so far as to offer me a good sized sign on bonus. I am ecstatic! FH is ecstatic! My son and both our families are ecstatic! The only catch is that I will be moving in with my mother by myself. My FH will be staying behind here to get our home in order and on the market and my son has chosen to stay so that he can finish off the school year. That's a little over 4 months that I will be apart from my boys. FH is my rock and I am not quite sure what I will do without seeing him daily. And my son, well when he's not a hormonal 10 year old he's my comic relief and I dread the thought of not being with them but I know it's for the best. This is my chance to give back to FH who without hesitation took me and my son into both his home and his heart when we had nothing. He has busted his butt making sure I never had to take on more then a summer job or part time job while I was in school. He has loved my son as his own and always put mine and my sons needs before his own. This is my chance to take the financial burdens off his shoulders and help him pursue his dreams as he helped me pursue mine. This year is going to be a HUGE year for us and I can't wait to get it started!
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FH decided that bowling shirts are to informal so it's back to the drawing board. I was thinking black pinstriped slacks, ivory/black dress shirts, teal ties with black vests. I'm not sure though. Think FH and I will have to head to the mall and try some ideas on him.
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Black Vest
Ivory Shirt
Turquoise Tie
Black Pinstriped Pants
Converse All-Stars
Dec 15, 2008

I officially graduated and received my pin tonight. I'm the proud owner of a Bachelors Degree in Nursing. Whooooowhooooo! Between helping to plan the event and actually completing this semester wedding things were put on hold for awhile but now it's back to planning and coordinating our big day.

I have lots to do but thankfully FH has been keeping up with things while I have been focusing on graduating. I will be making a few changes where the wedding party is concerned but I can't talk to much about that as of yet. I'm sure with all the spare time I will have in the next month or two I will post something about it. I am also hoping to get up some new pictures of the wedding party. I'm so excited to be able to focus on the wedding! Yay!
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Val and Rich
Val and Collin
Pin Front
Pin Back
So I had some spare time and some spare cash this afternoon so I popped into Michael's and Hobby Lobby and picked up some stuff to do a trial run of my centerpieces. I really like how they turned out. The Calla Lilies I used are more of a peach because they were cheaper then the white but I actually think I like the color. Suppose it just depends on which are cheaper come wedding time because I want real ones.
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Full Image
Base up close
I thought I had it all planned out but now that I am trying to find the bubble vases I am thinking about switching it up. They are just more then I want to spend for the size I want. For the 8" tall x 9" wide they are $5.50/ea at Save-on-Crafts and we guesstimate we are going to need at least 10. I cannot find this size at the Michael's, Hobby Lobby or Libby Glass Outlet in my area. $50+ for vases alone is not acceptable to me. For the lily bowls I can get 4 10" vase for $11 from Save-on-Crafts. So that's approximately $33. And the cylinder vases I can get 12 of the 7 7/8" x 3" for $17.88 which is clearly the better deal but ugghhh I just don't know! I may even be able to get them cheaper at the Libby Glass Outlet but I haven't really looked yet.

If we went with the Lily bowls it would pretty much be like the picture without the rose petals and surrounded with tea lights. If we went with the cylinders it would be similar to the picture but there would only be 3-4 lilies in each and they would be shorter. Also I would have the table numbers coming up from the center and maybe some pearls in the bottom. Again they would be surrounded with tea lights

What do you ladies think? HELP!
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Lilly Bowls
I realized I never posted a picture of my ring. The center stone was my mothers (0.5ct flawless diamond) and the ring was a custom design to fit the diamond. The wedding band matches the filigree work and inset diamonds. FH didn't want to pick the setting because the stone meant so much to me so we picked it together. I love it! I get compliments on it daily!
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Blue Wedding Rings And Jewelry Pictures
Blue Wedding Rings And Jewelry Pictures
Blue Wedding Rings And Jewelry Pictures
Our 1st Honeymoon is going to be 4 days in a cabin in the woods just outside of Wears Valley, Tennessee. So far we have decided on a scenic helicopter ride over the Smoky Mountains, horseback riding in Cades Cove, shopping in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, and a scenic chair lift ride. I really love the cabin we found it looks so cozy and set away from everything.
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Lighted Stairs