This is princessofdenial's Blue Wedding!

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Trifari Pearl Pendant
Trifari Pearl Pendant
Trifari Pearl Pendant Detail
Channel Set Earrings
Gold and Pearl
Drop Pearl Pendant
Drop Pearl Earrings
Pin-up Girl Shoes
Trifari Pearl PendantTrifari Pearl Pendant DetailChannel Set EarringsGold and PearlDrop Pearl PendantDrop Pearl EarringsPin-up Girl Shoes
Shoes, Jewelry and Details
Me and my MOH have been looking around for jewelry to compliment both my dress and my desire for 40's-50's this is what we have found thus far. Also these are sooooo my shoes!
Blue Ask a Question Flower Girl Dress
Blue Ask a Question Flower Girl DressBlue Ask a Question Flower Girl DressBlue Ask a Question Flower Girl Dress
Ask a Question
Flower Girl Dress
Yesterday while out and about enjoying some Black Friday shopping (hahaha) I found this dress and fell in love with it, I even teared up a bit at the thought of our little flower girl (FH's niece) walking down the isle in it which prompted me to buy it. The beading on it is VERY similar to the beading on my dress and it even has a little matching dress for a doll! The best part... It was only $30! Now I'm having second thoughts though and worried about how it will look with the black bridesmaid dresses. What do you ladies think?
The Zephyr $42.95 - Daddy-O's
"The Zephyr" $42.95 - Daddy-O's
The Guys
These are the shirts FH picked for the groomsmen. I like them as well and cost wise it's not to bad. I know my brother at least will get future wear out of his because he owns several similar shirts. Randy (the bestman) I'm not sure about because I have only ever seen him in Red Wings jerseys! Now we need to decide on pants. Not sure if we should just let them wear basic black dress pants or get pinstriped pants similar to FH's? Any suggestions?
Sears Suit
Sears Suit
Black and Turquoise
Black and Cream
Black and Cream
Black and Turquoise
Turquoise and Black
Turquoise and Black
Sears SuitBlack and TurquoiseBlack and CreamBlack and CreamBlack and TurquoiseTurquoise and BlackTurquoise and Black
The Guys
We got FH's suit yesterday, just a simple black pinstriped suit from Sears. Now we need to decide on the Groomsman's attire. I'm thinking bowling shirts with black pinstriped pants. Both the guys are pretty BIG and I can't see having them purchase suits or worse yet rent tuxes! I have them in order from favorite to least favorite.
Pardon Me
Pardon Me
TopPardon Me
Wedding Hair Style
Thanks to Billiewinter's post of make-up tutorials I started searching around youtube for some hair tutorials and I found this:

I tried it out yesterday and EVERYONE loved it. I'm really thinking this is my wedding hair. I will be playing around with it some more but it really has that classic look.
Wedding Dress
Here it is!
The pictures aren't that great b/c they were taken on a cell phone but you get the idea. The beading along the top is also along the bottom edge of the skirt and train. I <3 it!
Blue Wedding Dress Found It!
Forever Yours 45105
Wedding Dress
Found It!
Found it, tried it, BOUGHT IT! All in a period of about 45 minutes. We didn't even plan on going to the store where we found it!
Looking at it on the hanger it was EXACTLY what I DIDN'T want but once I put it on it was EVERYTHING that I wanted.
I mean seriously ladies it's Ivory, I wanted white, not only is it strapless but it SWEETHEART, I wanted halter and stayed as far away from strapless as I could, it has gold accents I wanted silver! But OMG I love it. I bought it off the rack for $400. It's a bit on the small side but a little more focus, determination and exercise and a little less food and I'm sure I can get in to it. I have pictures of me in it but I'm having some technical difficulties at the moment but I will get them up eventually!
YAY I found my dress!
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First Dance
FH and I are toying with the idea of having our first dance right after we enter the reception room and the Emcee announces us as husband and wife. I can just visualize it in my mind... At Last by Etta James/Ella Fitzgerald is playing and we put those ballroom lessons to good use. What do you ladies think? Do able? Has anyone ever been to a wedding where it was done this way?

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A throw back to the 1940's-50's. Colors will be turquoise, black and white

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