Jun 17, 2009

I'm so angry at my step-sister. Here's the email exchange we just had regarding my wedding, well more her daddy issues then my wedding.

Hey just wondering if u and M are going to make it to the wedding next Wednesday? I have to let them know how many tables/chairs we need by Friday at the latest! Let me know! Really hope you guys can make it!

Her (after her father refused to give her $20)
no we wont be coming.my car wont make it down there and i really dont want to go and be ignored and treated like shit by your mom and my dad...it has nothing to do with you but he has always been that way towards me and now its worse that he is with her.

Umm hello?!?! That's my mother your talking about... but no it has nothing to do with me!

Me (my blood is boiling at this point and I had to retype this about 6 times)
Wow way to make it sound like it has nothing to do with me when you insult my mother?!?! A simple no I can't make it would be sufficient no need to insult my mother who has tried to go out of her way to make you and your siblings feel welcome. Your father NEVER has a bad word to say about you or your sister and brother nor has my mother, at least not to me or Rich. What has been mentioned to me is that repeatedly they try to make plans with you and your sister and they get canceled. I have seen this for myself on several occasions. Including my wedding. I'm sorry you feel ignored and treated like shit but they are adults and so are we. They have their own lives and financial responsibilities. I don't know what happened in the past and honestly I don't care but what I can see is a father who loves his children and tries to do right by them. I'm sorry you can't make it to the wedding. Rich and I would have really liked for you, M and E to have been there to share our day. I would appreciate however in the future if you have a problem with your father or my mother to take it to them and not put me in the middle. I have my own life and bullshit to deal with.

I know slightly childish but really my wedding is not the time for a passive aggressive jab at your father!

Yea your right you dont know how he has been.oh you could say he's a changed a man from what he used to be.ive tried to come over several times but its like you have to make an appointment. i cant just come over when it is alright for him.and she has put me and n down several times to my face when you weren't there.he has watched your lil boy more than he has ever seen his own grandaughter and that his own fault.i've asked him svereal times and m has called him herself but he always has something to do.and madison thinks the world of C and dad.but your right we are adults im used to it cause he has never been around really anyways but thats his choice.
And i didnt insult your mother she shouldnt have said what she did about me and my brother im not a lazy bum and n is not a freeloader.they do have there own life and i havent asked them for a damn thing.So they can shove it where the sun dont shine.....

TBH I can't understand half of it through the grammar and spelling errors. But I'm not sure what you call someone who is 26 and lives with whichever family member who will take him and and not make him have to pay rent or contribute to a household physically or financially. Or a 23 year old who REPEATEDLY leaves perfectly acceptable jobs to sit on her ass picking up men on the internet?!?! Lazy and freeloader work for me. At least her brother ADMITS that he doesn't want to work *lol*! She tried to get me to get in as a CNA where I work but considering her track record I said hell no! The only difference between me and my mom is that she tries to help them get jobs and move forward me I think she's a waste case! Her brother has potential it just hasn't been harvested yet.

B again your daddy issues are not my concern. If you have a problem with your father or my mother take it to them. I have my own life to tend to.

This family is eff'in nuts I swear! Trust me I'm the last one to say Dad's are perfect and flawless *lol* I have mentioned my daddy issues here on a few occasions but dad's like all people make mistakes and bad choices. He at least seems to try to make up for lost ground unfortunately I think he relied a little to much on the financial kick backs to swing them back into his favor. I just don't understand when/how it became my problem? I asked her if she were coming to my wedding because I truly wanted her, her daughter and sister there. I'm just so irritated that she had to be like this.
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Blue Seriously A Step-Sibling Rant
's  wedding
Honolulu, HI, USA
i don't really understand why she even brought all of this up... i dont know if you are close but its your wedding not your dads.
princessofdenial's Blue wedding
Bristol, TN, USA
I know! I wish I wouldn't have let it get to me so much and just said something like "Ok that's no for 2 then. Take care!" Ughh I'm just so protective of my mother and not to mentioned stressed over my wedding in 6 DAYS!
vintagebabe's Green wedding
Lake placid, NY, USA
she was having a pitty party and crossed a boundary with you. I'd just ignore her from now on. Even if she responds, no matter how mean she is, ignore her.... it will be hard. but it'll REALLY piss her off. It's obvious she likes to play the argue back and forth game. It'll drive her crazy wondering what you're thinking any doing.

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